record slow motion video

How To Record Slow Motion Video On Android?

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In 20th-century video recording, photography has become very popular and interesting among the peoples. Video recording is also very popular. You can record yourself and watch anytime. There is an also one kind of slow-motion video recording technique. In this post, you’ll learn “How to record slow motion video on android?”. Record Slow Motion Video […]

downgrade android apps without root

How to Downgrade Android Apps Without Root?

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This is a problem which we’ve faced in a life one time at least. The problem is we’re not comfortable¬†with the new update of an Android application. We want to go to the lower version of that Android application. In this article, you’ll know about “How to downgrade Android apps without root?” Downgrade Android Apps […]

change lock screen password on android every minute

How to Change Lock Screen Password On Android Every Minute?

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If you want to change your Android phone lock screen password every minute then you should read this article. In this article, you’ll learn how to change lock screen password on Android every minute. Because if you have single lock screen¬†password on your android phone then definitely anyone can unlock it. Change Lock Screen Password […]