2017 best smartphone

2017 Best Smartphone: Nokia 8 vs OnePlus 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S8

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If we are thinking which smartphone is best in 2017 till now. The many people will give the answer as follows, Nokia is trusted as well as good android featured smartphone. OnePlus this company provides good feature android smartphone in the price range. Samsung is innovating company provides good features. Now the question is arise which phone is 2017 best smartphone.

2017 best smartphone

2017 Best Smartphone

Now we will compare the smartphone of these companies and come to our conclusion. In our comparison, we will include all kind of features hardware to software and software to price range according to feature. I know that I have not included the name of iPhone.

Because in this post we are selecting smart phone which has launched in recent times. Since there is not any new iPhone launch. So I am not including any of iPhone mobile. We have only include latest launched and popular smartphones like. Nokia 8, OnePlus 5, Samsung Galaxy S8.

But the new iPhone i.e, iPhone 8 features you can read on my website which has been leaked. Now let’s do the comparison.

To understand in a better way I have used Microsoft Excel to presenting data in the easier form. You can see the following image of that excel sheet or download that sheet from below link.

You can also read official feature: Samsung Galaxy S8, OnePlus 5, Nokia 8

2017 best smartphone

Download Excel Sheet: 2017 best smartphone

In that excel sheet or above image you can see that I have included all important features of any Android device. Now we will see which smartphone is much better in terms of feature. I have given name of the smartphone which wins in that specific feature

  • Display: In this feature, of course, Samsung Galaxy S8 wins.
  • Processor: In this feature, Samsung and OnePlus both wins and Nokia loses.
  • RAM: In a case of RAM OnePlus 5 wins.
  • Storage: In a case of storage including internal storage as well as expandable Nokia 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 wins.
  • Camera: In this feature OnePlus 5 wins in case of the rear as well as the front camera.
  • Battery life: In the case of battery life again OnePlus 5 wins.
  • Design & Style: In this case, no one can beat Samsung Galaxy S8.


2017 Best smartphone? This is the very obvious question and answer to this question based on data is also very easy. Recently Nokia 8 has been launched and is so popular among people. OnePlus 5 this smartphone also fire the mobile market when it had launched. I want to say the same words for Samsung Galaxy S8.

  • The price of Nokia 8: 45,000 INR.
  • The price of OnePlus 5: 32,999 INR.
  • Price of Samsung Galaxy S8: 62479 INR.

But only one smartphone will be a win and become 2017 best smartphone till iPhone 8 launch. Because after that situation can change. According to price and feature, OnePlus 5 is 2017 best smartphone.

I think you have gotten your question answer OnePlus 5 is 2017 best smartphone. If you like this post then share this post with your friends and family.

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