increase youtube adsense earning

3 Hacks To Increase Youtube AdSense Earning

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Youtube is the best place to earn sufficient money from Google AdSense. If you are a Youtuber and want to increase Youtube Adsense earning from youtube then you should read this post till the end. We know the Google AdSense is the best advertising platform in the world.

increase youtube adsense earning

Tips To Increase Youtube AdSense Earning

Now I will give you 3 tips. You can apply those three tips on your own youtube channel. You can see the difference between earning at past and present. Now let’s go to see those three tips to increase Youtube AdSense earning. But before we will go to deep of these tips. We will learn how are we earning money through Youtube?

When we are uploading videos on Youtube and monetize that video then after ads come to your videos before or after when someone plays that video. You only get money for advertising ads on your videos. Now the money you get comes from Google AdSense.

The ads which come on your Youtube channel provided by some companies or other people who want to make his/her brand popular. When he/she give ads to Google AdSense he/she give her ads through Google AdWord. Where he/she make an account and give some money to Google for advertising his/her brand.

Now you get only some percent of the money from Google which an ad provider give to Google AdWord. Now Based on these concepts I will give you some hacks which you can use to increase Youtube AdSense earning. Those tips/hacks are following,

Uploading Time

This is the major factor for views on video as well as earning from that particular video. Now let’s take a dive to how can a uploading time relate to earning from Youtube? Now as I said above an advertiser give ads and money to Google AdSense or Google AdWord

increase youtube adsense earning

At the time of he/she gives ad to Google AdWord he/she also select a period and number of ads per day. Now let’s understand it completely Period means for How many days he/she wants to show ads on Youtube. And Number of ads per day means if an advertiser doesn’t have much budget then he/she will prefer to restrict the no. of ads per day.

Now we correlate above two things and come to the conclusion. When an advertiser restricts the number of ads per day than Youtube will start showing his/her ads on starting of the day and show that fixed number of ads and then stop showing ads of that person.

Now if you upload a video at the time of starting of the day then more impression to your videos will come and you will earn more money. But if you upload videos at night and if that number of ads limit over then you will get lower impressions and earn less money.

Hence You must upload videos at the starting of the day.

Affiliate Marketing

Now I think you know about the Affiliate marketing. In Affiliate marketing, you help other marketing companies to sell their products. Now how will Affiliate Marketing help you to increase youtube Adsense earning? When you upload videos than in meta description you can provide the link of the product you want to affiliate.

You will get two types of benefit. First, if someone buys some product through your link then you will get 10% of commission for selling that product. Second, it will help youtube to understand what kind of video you have uploaded. According to this Youtube will display Contextual ads on your videos.

This will also help you to get more impression on your videos. This will help you to increase Youtube AdSense earning.

Video Length

Video length also matters in terms of earning through Youtube AdSense. If you upload a video of 10 min or greater than 10 min then it will benefit you. Let me ask one question to you. Do you know How many ads come to your single video?

increase youtube adsense earning

The answer will be definitely “No”. But if you upload a video of length 10 min or greater than 10 min then you can choose how many ads you want on your videos. You can insert more ads into a single video.

By doing this thing you will allow more impression to your videos. After that, it will automatically increase Youtube AdSense earning of your channel.

Hope you like all the hacks which I have given above. If you like this post then share this post with your friend and family.


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  1. Hi Sachin,

    Great Post!!

    Thanks For sharing the vital info on your post on how to earn more money through applying google adsense smartly on your youtube channel. I am running news videos on my youtube channel and so I found the information to be absolutely helpful for earning money through google adsense on youtube.

    I have one doubt, should we have two adsense account one for website and one for youtube channel. Please help!!

    Thanks again!!

    Keep sharing such informative post.

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