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5 Best Tools For Finding Long Tail Keywords In 2017


5 Best Tools For Finding Long Tail Keywords In 2017

Hello, friends Today on this topic we are going talk about long tail keywords and how to find long tail keywords? For finding long tail keywords tools are required. And on this topic, I am going to tell you about 5 best tools for finding long tail keywords. 

Before going to our topic let’s first understand the benefit of long tail keywords. As in my earlier posts, I told you all about the keywords and how to choose best keywords for your blog or website. If you do not read that post then you can read for here.

In the above post, I had given to you all necessary information related to finding best keyword for your blog. Now in this post, I will give you the best known popular techniques for finding long tail keywords for your blog. Now let’s talk about why should we insert our long tail keywords in any post? The answer to this question is very simple is that using long tail keywords we will get more traffic as compared to short tail keywords. But you noticed that if you are using anyone tool which names provided in the above link. You will see that use of short tail keyword will give you a better result as compared to long tail keywords.

finding long tail keywords

The Benefits Of Long Tail Keywords

But when we use the short tail keyword you will see that the competition for that keyword is very much high. Using that keyword rank on the first page of any search engine is very difficult. If you used short tail keywords in your post and if you are new blogger not so much popular then you will be going to face more competition for ranking. In simple language, I say you are doing a donkey work. To rank on the first page of any search engine and if you are a new blogger then you should do smart work. The smart work is that you should use long tail keywords. 

Because when you use long tail keyword your post or blog become very specific for that keyword and if anyone searches that keyword in any search engine then the first page may be yours. I know that the search volume of any long tail keyword is not so high if you are using any tool for finding keywords. But I recommend you that you should use mostly long tail keywords for your blog posts. Now without wasting so much time the names of that tools which you can use for finding long tail keywords are given below,

The Names Of The Tools For Finding Long Tail Keywords

In this list, the many names are very popular and you may already know that. Some of the tools are free but some are paid.

1) SEMrush

This is well known and according to me, this is the best tool for finding keywords for your blog post or finding long tail keywords. If you read the above link post then you will definitely know all the features of SEMrush. SEMrush is the first tool for finding keywords which provide all keyword used by your competitor for ranking on the first page. When you are using SEMrush you have to only put the link of your competitor for which post you want to compete. After that SEMrush will provide you with all that keyword which your competitor used in his/her post. Now If you know about SEMrush then you will know that SEMrush is not free. For Using SEMrush you have to pay money.

But you can use SEMrush for free 14 days. In that days you will completely understand how to use it? What are the features of SEMrsuh? What is the benefit of SEMrush?

2) KWfinder

This is newest and becomes very popular among the peoples. This tool is also my favourite tool for finding keywords for your blog post. This is a very best tool because it also provides you with the questions which can people’s search for that topic which gives wide information for that keyword. This tool also gives you the SEO difficulty number which gives you an idea of that Keyword. If the SEO difficulty number is much high then using that keyword comes on the first page of a search engine is very difficult. If the number is very less then you can easily use that keyword for your post. Now let’s talk about the price of this tool this tool is paid and free also.

But I recommend you if you are like this tools you should buy it. Because in the free version you will get only 3 chances for the searching keyword. After that 3 chance, you have to wait for 24 hours. This is also a great tool for finding any long tail keyword.

3) Google Auto Complete Keyword Tool

If you want to search long tail keywords for free then the destiny is Google Auto Complete Keyword tool. This tool is free for the use you have to only do that you have to sing up in that tool. After that, you will be able to find long tail keyword. In this tool, you have to only put your post focus keyword after that “Click On Search Icon”. This tool will automatically provide you with all long tail keywords for ranking. In this tool inside the bar, you will also see the ranking of that keyword in Google Search engine. You can that if you use that keyword then your ranking can be equals to that ranking.

4) WordTracker Keyword Tool

This another best tool for Google Autocomplete Keyword Tool maybe some users will like it more than above tool. This tool is very effective in the case of long tail keywords. Using this tool you will get more information related to that keyword. When you search your focus keyword in this tool you will see the options like Volume, IAAT, Competition, KEI. In which important is KEI which represent keywords effectiveness index(KEI). If the KEI is 100 then this keyword is very effective you should use it. And in competitions, you can see the competition level for that keyword. This tool is free as well as paid but I recommend you use it for free. Because in the free version you will get 100 chances per day which are more enough for any SEO Keyword searching.

5) UberSuggest

This is the last tool for finding long tail keywords in my post, not for the Internet. This tool is not so interesting according to me. Because this tool gives the huge amount of data related to that focus keyword. But this is not the biggest problem. The problem related to this tool is that the provided data does not provide data related to ranking, competition, and other factors. In this tool, you have to select your own which keyword can do best for your post. This is free of cost tool. You do not need to sign up or pay money for this tool.

This is all about the tools which you can use for finding long tail keywords. In this, some of the tools are very great and very useful if you are using a paid version of that tool. If you like this post then share this post with your other blogger friends and family. If you have any doubt and query related to this post then you can ask me to in comment section. And if you know some other best keyword tool for finding long tail keywords then let me know in the comment section.


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