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5 Exciting Features of iPhone 8

We know that after successful iPhone 7 launched. Peoples are waiting for next series mobile any many of the rumors and information spreading on the internet like fire. We are getting today some exciting features of iPhone 8.

These features seem to very different from the current model of iPhone series mobiles. This mobile seems to be huge successful before launching due to their exciting features.

You can watch this video for better understanding:


1) Design: The design of every Apple series mobile are very similar but in next series mobile. It is expected to be the change from Top to Bottom and the home button of every apple phone is a single button.which look in apple series mobile but in iPhone 8 the home button will not be there and you people think that how do you will be do your functioning without home button but you can do this function apple New 3D Touch.

2) Display:  The display of every mobile made up of LCD Panels. Display of Apple series mobiles are also made up LCD Panels but in iPhone 8 you will see new OLED Panels.since OLED are very flexible and give high-quality images than LCD hence in new Series mobile you will see OLED Panels due to the flexibility you will see, its Edges are Curved like Samsung Galaxy S 7 Edge.

 Interesting Features

3) Specification: iPhone 8 will be most powerful mobile in Apple series mobile due to its specifications in this mobile. You will see most powerful processor ever created by apple. It is A11 Chipset 10 nm technology which is going to be very excellent processor and its performance will be much better than another processor in mobiles.

4) Face Recognition : As per information in design the home button of apple will not be in iPhone 8 so you will be not see Fingerprint Scanner in new mobiles Which also compromise our privacy in terms of to secure our privacy apple launches new security layer or security features for that apple applied patent to face recognition system but due to some problems like algorithms and hardware etc. this features might be expected in new mobile of apple but there is gap of 8 months to launch iPhone 8. Hence apple makes this system before launching.


5)Charging: We see wireless charging in many mobiles, we did not see any wireless charging mobile in apple series mobile but in iPhone 8 there will be wireless charging at a time of launching iPhone and iPhone Plus. There are no ear pods wireless earphones like that in new mobiles. We will see wireless charging but it is different from other wireless charging mobiles. You can charge your mobile between the range of 15ft due to some advanced features

here are some exciting features of new apple incoming mobile as per information.

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