new seo trends 2018

5 Hilarious New SEO Trends 2018


SEO Trends, as we know that every time there is something change in SEO. In this post, I’ll talk about 5 new SEO trends 2018. These changes are so hilarious it can change the way of thinking about SEO. So without delay let’s come to our topic.

new seo trends 2018

5 New SEO Trends 2018

In my previous two posts, I’ve talked about important ranking factors in 2018 and important aspects of SEO. But in this post, I’ll tell you something different and stunning. 2018 SEO trends will not only put you in depression but also emphasize you to change your future SEO plannings.

1) Change in SERP List

If you’ve noticed since last 10 years Google has changed into the advanced search engine from an ancient search engine. Google has also changed it’s page listing technique. As we all know Google Algorithms are secret and no one knows about it.

In 2018 Google is going to change its way to show result pages. Now a question arises what is a headache in this? Now the headache is Rich Snippets, structured data. If your website has rich snippets then only you have more chance to rank in the search engine.

If you want to know about rich snippets then read the below article. Google will give priority to those websites who have rich snippets on their pages and it also depends on another ranking factors.

2) Structure Data

Structure data is a process to edit your webpage HTML. You can tell the search engine how your webpage should look in the search engine. You learn it from Structure data will help you to add rich snippets to your web pages.

new seo trends 2018

Now in 2018 structure data will be the key factor of ranking in the search engine. Because Google wants to provide its users result in advance manner. Official Structure data or rich snippets are not the ranking factors but CTR of rich snippets web pages are so high then normal pages.

Structure data is coming under very important new SEO trends 2018. I think me and you should focus on it. Because my web pages also don’t have rich snippets.

3) Information in mile-Seconds

As I told you if your website has the fastest speed in the search engine then it’ll be plus point for you. If we see in terms of 2018 SEO then it’ll not wrong to say if you’ve speed then you will live in the search engine. So it is very important that your website must have the high speed of loading.

You don’t think it only matters in the case of mobiles it is same for the desktop version of the website. You can check your website performance in the search engine here. That’s why it is very important topic in new SEO trends 2018

4) It’ll become harder to convince Google

In 2017 or previous years it’s not very tough to convince Google to rank in search engine. If you had done SEO properly on your webpage or website then surely you’ll rank in search engine. But as changing SEO trend and technique it has also changed.

new seo trends 2018

Now Google read your content not only according to your focus keyword but also according to latent semantic keywords. After analysing all component of your page Google provides your rank or place in the search engine. So in 2018, it’ll be going to tough to convince Google to rank your webpage in the search engine.

5) Voice Search

Now the most trending and dangerous part of this topic. As we know Google Assistant, Siri, Bixby, other voice command assistant on trending. According to data most of the people refer to search any content by voice command.

Now, what is wrong with this? Let me tell you we always put a targeted keyword in our post thinking that people will search sort keyword without typing the whole scenario. Let me show you an example, A boy wants to know about who is PM of India. He’ll search on Google as Indian PM.

But if he searches the same question from Google Assistant then he will search full question as Who is PM of India? In this case, a person who has put keyword as PM of India will get the benefit. But a person who has put keyword as Indian PM will get lost.

As we always prefer to use short keywords like above we had discussed. We have to take care of this thing. This comes with very new SEO trends 2018.


I think new SEO trends will put new difficulties in front of bloggers. We’ve discussed 5 hilarious new SEO trends 2018. If you’ve ambiguity related to this post then let me know in the comment section.

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