5 new features of whatsapp coming soon

5 New Features Of WhatsApp Coming Soon

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WhatsApp this is the trending application now in the world. This application is trending due to its features and regular updates. All the new updates which come to WhatsApp during 2017 are too excellent. Now in this post, I will unveil 5 new features of WhatsApp.

5 new features of whatsapp coming soon

5 New Features Of WhatsApp

I am also using WhatsApp as messaging application. Even you may also use this application for messaging and other social media activity. Why many people use WhatsApp? This question has a simple answer it is very easy to use as well as get new updates in a month.

In 2017 WhatsApp gets many fantastic updates like WhatsApp Video call, WhatsApp Pinning, WhatsApp status. These are some great update which is liked by many peoples. Now Let’s know the 5 new features of WhatsApp which will be coming soon.

1) Money Transactions

You may listen to this update news. We are listening so many times in future we will be able to transfer money through WhatsApp. WhatsApp will allow users to use UPI (Unified Payment Interface) feature to the many users who use WhatsApp in the India. Now at the time many of online and other transaction done by Online Banking, Paytm, other application.

But not all the users prefer to use these applications or process. But they may like WhatsApp money transfer features.

2) Youtube Videos Playing

This update is about to playing videos which have been shared in WhatsApp. When we click on the like which has been shared. We have to leave WhatsApp application and go to youtube for watching that videos. I know this process is automatic. You have to do nothing. But this is irritative to users. After by this new update you will able to play youtube videos in the WhatsApp without leaving it.

This new update will integrate Youtube & WhatsApp. Hope this new update liked by users.

3) Live Location Sharing

Live location sharing this is a very good feature in term of security of users. Now at this time, you can share location to your contacts with the help of Google Maps. By clicking on the share location option you can share your current location for some periods. It will generate a link which is available only for some period according to you what you have selected.

But After this update, you will able to share your live location with your contacts without the help of Google Maps. There are also many tricks to trace someone. For more information visit the following link.

4) Message Recall Feature

We are talking about new features of WhatsApp. But this feature is already present for iOS users. But now this feature will also present for Android users. In this feature you will get some time may be /3 or 5 minutes to reverse the message. You can recall send message, GIF’s, videos, images, etc. You will definitely love this feature.  For this feature, you have to wait for some times and after that, you will be able to use this features.

5) Edit Send Messages

This feature is damn interesting. In this feature, you will be able to edit send messages. But this feature also has some restriction. You can not edit a message after the messages have been seen by another user whom you send a message. But you can edit it before. This will help you. Because some times a message with another meaning has sent. But you can’t edit it.

These are the 5 new features of WhatsApp which you will see in future. I hope you like this post. If you like this post then share this post with your other friends. And let me know in the comment section which features you like most and waiting for it.

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