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A Brand New of Way Hacking

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The technology is upgrading day by day and hackers also. Today in this article, I am gonna tell you a new way of hacking. Let me clear you one thing I am not gonna teach you this hacking technique, I will just give you an overview of this type of hacking.

new way to hacking

New Way To Steal Password

The main intention of hacking is to steal your important passwords to get access over crucial things like a bank account, Facebook account, etc. Hackers have been developed an awesome brand new way of hacking. And trust me this technique will blow your mind.

Hacking is a term related to spreading virus or malware or any other kind of program which may cause your system to be locked or can gather information from your system. Here in this way hackers upload a virus in your device but this virus has an amazing ability.

malware to steal passwords

Let me tell you, how will this virus steal your information from system? This virus or say program will perform the function of listening to your activity. For instance, if you are typing something on your mobile phone keyboard this virus will record the sound, speed and way of your typing and further, it will decode it.

Now this means if you are performing any activity on your personal system, then it might happen that you are under an eye of hacker and he/she can steal any kind of password from your system. It doesn’t matter either you are typing a bank OTP (One Time Password) pin or you are typing your bank account password.

And if a hacker gets this all information then this will be very dangerous to you and hopefully, you have understood how does this virus work? Now let me give you scientific proof of this virus.

Steal Password From Keyboard Via an App

As I said above you can do this type of hacking via an android application. Let’s see it’s complete working style, malware or virus can be embedded inside an application. If a user installs this app he/she will give this application all permission without reading it (As we all do). So now this application has all kind of access over your system.

The virus inside this app will take over your mobile phone microscope and gather all type of sound waves and vibrations further, it will decode and send your data to the hacker.

hackers new technique

In this way, you will be hacked by a hacker. This is revealed by Cambridge University and Sweden’s Linköping University. In one of our article, we have revealed how can anyone hack your WhatsApp and other social media accounts? And if you want to be an ethical hacker then you must know some basic skills of hacking.

Experiment Done by Cambridge University

Cambridge University

Cambridge University

To check whether this kind of hacking is possible or not? Cambridge University ran an experiment in which they had collected data from 45 people.

In this experiment, they have checked whether this new way of hacking really works or not in different scenarios? All 45 people had been given a mobile phone pre-installed with malware which can overtake the mobile phone microphone’s.

They sent these people to different locations where they will face a different level of background noise. The researcher has developed a machine learning algorithm which can decrypt keystrokes (tapping on keyboard). The main 3 places were a library, a common room equipped with coffee making machine, reading room which has running computers.

The person who was involved in this experiment, the researcher told them to type their password pin on the given devices and the devices which used in this experiment was LG Nexus 5 phones and Nexus 9 tablet. The researchers found that this new way of hacking works.

So this is mind-blowing, isn’t it? Now hackers can steal passwords by listening to how you type on your phone or say device. So, What kind of remedies should be taken to stay safe?

What are the methods of staying safe?

Due to this new way of hacking now hackers are able to hack our data. So, what should we do? The researchers have told that we should a software which will pop-up a notification light whenever our phone microphone is running in the background.

Another remedy that we can do is manually switch off the function of a microphone when it won’t be in the use. These are the two methods which can protect us from this new way of hacking. The Wall Street Journal has also published this article.

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