attract users to your website

Attract Users to Your Website


You have done SEO and rest of the things also properly but still, you’re not getting as much traffic as you want. What to do? Now, in this case, you have an idea about website SEO, but you don’t have an idea to attract users. In this post, I’ll explain to you How to attract users to your website?

attract users to your website

Attract Users to Your Website

Now, I’ll discuss this whole topic in detail. Because if we have done all things properly but still not getting traffic. This can be a huge panic for you. Because there are many factors which affecting page ranking. But you have all things properly which is too hard to do.

Now In 2018, it’ll be going to hard to rank in search engine. You can read the below post which will explain how will it be going to be tough 2018?

Now overall conclusion is that very tough to get huge traffic in a short time or very well. Now come to our topic where are you doing the mistake? Two points which I’ll explain to you please note that. You can get huge traffic or attract users to your website by using Google Analytics.

Points to Consider

As I said above there are two points which you have to be considered. First and most important thing is Bounce Rate. The second point which you have to consider is page CTR. If you don’t take these two points into consideration then you’ll never rank in search engine.

Because if you have done SEO properly and still not getting traffic. This directly implies that you’re doing something wrong. Let me tell you both the points in detail.

1) Bounce Rate

As we know that bounce rate is ranking factor it matters very well for you. You can check your website bounce rate on Google Analytics. Higher the bounce rate is the indication of bad content on your website. It might happen that your bounce rate is higher due to some non-technical reasons.

Now come to the solution of this problem. You can decrease your website bounce rate by providing more links to your website. What is it mean? You can provide multiple valuable outbound links and internal links to your posts. This will increase time which users spend on your website.

In this way, you can decrease your bounce rate. Google will start ranking you in the search engine. Now how can you use it to attract users to your website? You have to use these data to overcome this problem. Higher bounce rate can be reduced by providing more internal links.

Most Important Point

2) Page CTR

Now let’s first know the meaning of page CTR. Page CTR mean in the chance of clicking you web-page which search engine Google shows all result including your web-page. If there are 10 results for 10 different queries and user click on your web-page take in account of page CTR.

You can improve your web-page CTR at the time of keyword research. You can use multiple tools which will help you to see which keyword has high CTR. Because high CTR keywords have a high percent of clicking on your web-page.

Now come to point how can page CTR helps you to attract users to your website? You can write well meta description and headings to attract users to your website.


Now overall conclusion, But before going to the conclusion I want to tell you something. The overall website attraction in 2018 depends on rich snippets. If you have rich snippets on your website then it will definitely attract users to your website. So go and put rich snippets on your website.

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