basic skill required for hacking

Basic Skills Required For Hacking

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Well if you search the keyword “How to become hacker?” on Google or other search engines you will see millions of the results, won’t you? But always if you want to be something you must have the basic knowledge of that topic. I know you can’t be a hacker without proper guidance and teaching but you can gather basic knowledge yourself for that you don’t need a teacher. So here in this article, I am gonna explain to you “Basic skills required for hacking” or what kind of basic skill you need to become a hacker. If you want to learn hacking then read it.

basic skill required for hacking

Basic Resource Required To Become A Hacker

Now whenever hacker word comes in your mind you always think about illegal things. But let me tell you there are mainly two types of hacker one is black hat hackers and white hat hackers. There is also one who is known as grey hat hacker but we will not discuss this hacker we will only stick with the above two types.

You can’t even imagine an ethical hacker salary. If you don’t know who are ethical hackers? Then let me you a hacker who hacks a system for good purpose or to help a company or the Government is known as an Ethical Hacker. And for their tremendous help, they get paid and their payments are too good. I will discuss this part also but after completing the main part.

Now without looking here and there let’s start our topic “basic skills required for hacking.”. In this digital world, hackers are considered as one of the most intelligent guys. They are very intelligent because they use their IQ to hack highly secured systems. And every kind of hacking always includes top 11 basics skills. Actually, there are only 10 important basics but you should also have knowledge of 11th one.

Resource and Skills that require a hacker

Now we will discuss the top 11 basic skills required for hacking, which start with one of the most valuable topic Basic Computer Knowledge.

1) Basic Computer Knowledge:

Yes, this is a crucial part of hacking however you might be thinking this is not important. But you must know the command line, network registry, system access, controllers of the system in windows before you go for hacking. If you don’t have knowledge of these things then first you must have information about these things.


2) Knowledge of OS:

OS (Operating System) this is a very important part of a hacker. Because he/she should have an idea of all types of OS. I know the world’s most of the population use Windows Operating system ( After Android ). Sometimes it happens that you need to hack some other operating systems for that you need to have knowledge of that operating System.

basics of operating system

Then only you will be a professional hacker. All most all hackers use Linux operating system for hacking but you can use others also. This basic skill you must know for hacking.

3) Linux OS Skill:

As I said above almost every hacker use Linux operating system for hacking. If you want to be a hacker then you must know how to use Linux Operating system? You must be a professional player of the Linux operating system. But sometimes questions arise why only Linux?

linux operating system

And the best reply to this question is security in this system and network encrypting technology present in this OS. There are so many other reasons also but these two are enough to explain to you why is it so important? In case you start to learn hacking then definitely you will go through this OS.

If you know very well how to use the Linux operating system? and how to make changes in it? then you can create military-grade security for your laptop or computer.

4) Virtualization:

If someone asks me which is the most important part of hacking? Then I will explain this concept, why? Let’s figure out virtualization means creating a virtual version of the operating system, server, storage device, etc. Now, Why do we create virtual version?


Hacking is not a joke whether if you are a White hat or Black hat hacker. If you are a white hat hacker then for you this is a crucial part. In virtualization, we test whether the applied concept for hacking will go right or not? That is we are testing our idea whether this technique will hack a server or not?

In virtualization, we get to know the cons and other problem in our idea to hack a particular system. Otherwise, if you are going to hack someone, then it may be that they hack you. This is a very important basic among the basic skills required for hacking.

5) Wireshark:

This is a tool which helps you to develop communication protocol. This is also used in network troubleshooting and analysis. It is also used in software protocol development. And a hacker must know how to hack all of them because it is basic.

Wireshark analyzer

This tool is free and available to all. You just search for this topic you will get more information about it. It is an important skill in the skills required for hacking.

6) Network Skill:

A hacker must have good knowledge of networks because all work performs on the network. If you know how to secure a network or hack it then who are you? You are nothing but a hacker.


Now the basic of networks which you must know as follows, NAT, IPv4, IPv6, DNS, Routers and switches, OSI model, MAC address, ARP, Public v Private IP, DHCP, etc. You must know all about these networks.

7) Wireless Technologies:

The world is going on wireless technology. If you want to be a hacker then you must know about this technology. What are the things to learn? There are lots of thing in this technology to learn but I will tell you some basic and crucial parts like encryption algorithms which include WPA, WEP, WPA2, the four-way handshake and WPS.

Wireless technology

You can also glance at protocol for connection, authentication, restriction on wireless devices. If you learn this technique you will able to spy on anyone’s android phone if it is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

8) Security Concepts:

A hacker always needs to bypass security systems in order to hack. So if you are thinking to become a hacker, then at the starting you need a strong knowledge of security systems. If you are good at this then you can burglary in their system.

security system concept

The skills you can learn are Firewalls, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and more. These are the key points of security systems. This is also a very important skill in the basic skills required for hacking.

9) Database Concepts:

The database is storage where all computer data has been saved or stored. For a hacker, it is a treasure chest. If you want to hack a database then you must have to know how does it work? What are its normal functions? etc.

database concept

It consists of SQL (Structured Query Language) you need a piece of strong knowledge in MySQL or Oracle.

10) Scripting:

This is a very important part of the basic skills required for hacking because every hacker uses this part while hacking something. If you know scripting then only you can hack something.


Because every company or organization is alert and they won’t allow you to hack their system but to hack you must have an idea of scripting. If you know this you can insert a virus in another person’s computer.

11) Web Application Tragedy:

Since last few years, web applications have been hacked by hackers and this has become a favourite target for them. So if you learn how does it work? Then it will be good for you. Because it might happen that one day you need to hack a web application and for that, you need knowledge of web applications.

Web Application

These are the top 11 basic skills required for hacking. If you are still thinking “how to become a hacker?” or from where to start then you must have got an answer. From here you need to start after this you can join any course via online or offline to become a certified hacker.

Information About Ethical Hacker

As I told you hacker means not a bad person. An ethical hacker is a person who helps companies, organizations and government to secure their crucial data or say information. To understand it in a better way I will give you an example.

One person whose name is Sachin who is a hacker and work for GOI (Government Of India) and he does a job to secure military servers and data. He stops other hackers to hack military servers in this case Sachin is an ethical hacker and he will get pay for it.

ethical hacker course

Now the same thing other ethical hackers can do for companies. International companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter has a huge amount of data in their server and there is always chance that someone can hack. To stay safe they appoint ethical hackers to secure their systems. According to past data an ethical hacker salary is around $71,331 per annum.

If you are a certified ethical hacker then you can earn a lot this can be a great opportunity for you. In the previous article, I have explained to you how to hack WhatsApp and other social media. I have explained in very well manner with the help of videos so please do visit that article.

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