best APN setting for jio sim

Best APN Setting For Jio To Increase Net Speed by 300%

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If you are visiting this article, then definitely you have two things with you at the moment. First one is a Jio Sim Card and the second one is a problem of slow internet connection. Don’t worry guys we are here to solve your problems. You just need to select a best APN setting for your Jio sim card.

best APN setting for jio sim

If you want just solution to your problem then move to heading “Best APN Setting For Jio Sim”. But if you want to gain proper knowledge of why this issue came? Why just you need to change APN setting? What is APN? What is the key role of APN in your internet speed?

Why did the problem of speed decrease come into account?

Jio this company has made revolutionary changes in the world of internet. Due to Jio nowadays the internet has become common access to everyone. Now anyone can enjoy the benefits of the internet. As we all know the speed which we get either it would be downloading speed or uploading speed this all depends on the signal strength and the number of users connected to signal tower.

If there is less number of towers to provide high strength and people suffering on the internet are more and more then speed will automatically decrease. Now, what is the solution to this problem? Selection of best APN setting for Jio sim is the only and best way to get a higher speed.

Let me tell you the APN setting I am gonna tell you will increase your Jio sim internet speed by 300%. YES……

300% this figure sounds insane and quite impossible but trust me, dude, it’s possible you just need to follow some simple tricks and you will also enjoy higher internet speed. So let’s dive into it……

I am also gonna add a sort video at the end of this article so that if you haven’t understood any part then you may get a direct idea how to do it?

First, let’s gain some information on how can an APN setting change your internet speed?

What is APN?

APN stands for Access Point Names. It is a gateway between a different kind of connection like 4G, 3G, GSM, etc. If your phone’s APN setting is for 4G speed then you will get 4G (4th Generation) speed. But if your phone’s setting is for 3G then you will get 3G speed.

So if you change your phone’s APN setting wisely then you will get a pretty much better speed. But make a note if you did something wrong then it might happen that you will face more issue of internet connection than you were facing before. That’s why you need to select the best APN setting for Jio Sim.

Here I have provided one video for you to understand APN in a better way. Because I want my web page readers to have more knowledge than anyone else…….

What is APN?

Now let’s figure out that APN setting which will boost your internet speed by 300%.

Best APN Setting For Jio Sim

Now you know what is APN? Now if we move to this APN setting. You will understand in a better manner, What is exactly going on?

You just need to follow below-given steps to select a best APN setting for your Jio sim.

Select Best APN Setting For Your Jio Sim

  1. Go to settings

    First, go to settings and then click on Sim cards & mobile networks.Change APN settings

  2. Select Your Jio Sim

    Click on your Jio sim, where you wiladd new apn

  3. Add APN

    Now you can see two options over here. The first one is to add NEW APN and the second one is reset. We have to click on Add (New APN)

  4. Enter the following details

    Please enter everything as given below,
    Name: Jio LTE V6.8
    APN: JioNet
    Proxy: Not set
    Username: JioNet
    Password: Not set
    MMSC: Not set
    MMS: proxy: Not set
    MMS port: Not set
    MCC: 405
    MNC: 874
    Authentication type: PAP
    APN type: Not set
    APN protocol: IPv4/IPv6
    APN roaming protocol: IPv4/IPv6
    Bearer: GPRS, LTE, HSPAP
    MVNO Type: None
    APN PPP phone number: Not set
    Jio new apn setting

If you haven’t got anything or idea from the above-written article then you can watch the below video to understand it into a better manner.

Best APN Setting For Your Jio Sim

Hopefully, you liked this article if you so…….

Then please do not forget to share this article with your friends so that they will also enjoy high internet speed. If you have any doubt related to this article then please let me know in the below comment section. And if you have any other idea to increase Jio speed then also let me know below in the comment section.

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