Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO 2017


best keywordsBest Keyword Research Tools For SEO 2017

Hello Friends If you are writing a blog post then you will probably know that the keywords play an important role. In any website ranking, the keyword plays an important role. When a person search anything on the Internet then according to your keywords and according to your content your post or website comes across him/her. Today in this post I will give you some tips and tricks about How to find best keywords for your website? In this post, I will give you names of some tools which you can use to find profitable keywords for your website.

In this post, I will give you the names of the top 5 tools which you can use to find the keywords. Some of them are paid and some of them are free. We know that for the top ranking of our website we have to use best keywords which are working very good for our website. If you want to read some more tips about that how to rank your website on top then you can check this.

The List Of Tools For Best Keywords Are Given Below,

1) Google Keyword Planner: This is one of the best keyword finder tools on the Internet. It is most popular due to the some of the best reasons. In that reason one of the biggest reason free of cost. You can use this tool for finding keywords. The second biggest reason is it is directly connected with Google AdWords. You have to create an AdWord account which is free. You can sign up from here.

Pros: The pros of this tool is that it has very deep information and provide best keywords due to Google is the largest search engine in the world.

Limitations: The limitation of this tool is that you don’t know how your chosen keyword work for other search engines.

This is free to use you can use this tool for finding the best profitable keywords. It is quite difficult to use for new users but not so difficult.

2) LongTailPro: This is also very popular and widely used for keywords research. This is cloud based software. This is best because it provides you competitive keywords for you. This feature makes you find the best keyword among. In this tool, you can briefly research about keywords which one is best for your website.

Pros: The pros of this tools is that it provides you competitive keywords for your website. Which you can use for higher ranking.

According to me in this tool is no limitations for new users or existing users. This tool is very easy to use but for that you have to paypaid tool. You have to pay money for it. You can check out this tool for here.

3) KWFinder: This is very good and best keyword finder tool for anyone either a new user or old users. You can get much information about the keyword for which you are searching. This tool is a fastest growing tool for best keywords search. This is very amazing and good tool for new users. Using this website you can also get the question type keywords which you can also for your website to grow.

Pros: The biggest pros of this website is that easy to use and you can get multiple question type keywords also.

This tool has no limitation according to me and this paid and free also you can use it. You must check this tool once if are writing a post on the websites. You can check out this tool from here.

4) SECockprit: This is another best keywords finding tool ever. This tool has many applications like improving the rank of the website and website planning. At this tool, you will get free training how to use it. This makes this tool to use very easily. 

Pros: This also provides Google search related keywords. This provides keywords also from youtube searches. If you are a youtube then you can use this tool for putting tags into your videos.

This tool is new and it does not have more users except this all things on this tool is very great. If you want to check this tool then you can check out from here. This is paid tool you have to pay money to use it.

5) SEMrush: If you are searching for a tool which is paid but provides you the best keywords then the answer is SEMrush. SEMrush is best among all tools because in other tools you have to seed keyword for starting research. But in SEMrush you have to just put the link or name of the domain which you want to compete or simply put the keyword to start research. This tool provides you short tail and long tail keyword.

Pros: This tool is very easy to use. You do not need to provide seed for starting keyword research. It also provides you AdSense CPC in detail related to that keyword.

This is an amazing tool for finding keywords. This is very best tool Hence according to me it has no limitations. You check this tool from here. It is also free for 14 days after that you have to pay money to use it.

This is all about the tools which you can use to find best keywords for your website for higher ranking and good results. If you like this post then share this post with your friends and family. If you have any query or doubt related to this post then you can ask or clear your doubt in the comment section.

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