bitcoin mining in India

How To Do Bitcoin Mining in India?

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Bitcoin, Hope you all have heard this word once since last few months. Because this name “Bitcoin” has become very popular in last few months. In this post, I’m going to explain you How can you mine the bitcoins? What is actually bitcoin? You can easily do bitcoin mining in India.

bitcoin mining in India

What is Bitcoin?

Let’s first understand what is bitcoin? Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency on the Internet. There are many cryptocurrencies available on the Internet. Then why are we interested in Bitcoin? Because Bitcoin is unique cryptocurrency on the Internet which worth around $14,000 or 9,00,000 INR.

You can buy bitcoins or mine it. But in case if you buy the Bitcoin and suddenly the price of Bitcoin goes down then you’ll face huge losses. And I’m sure that you won’t want to face loose. So if you’re really interested in Bitcoins then you should start mining it today.

You can do Bitcoin Mining In India with the help of many websites. But When it comes to bitcoins there are many cases of fraud also. So you have to believe in a particular website which will give you result not fraud. So in this post, I’m going to tell you about one website which will help you to do Bitcoin mining in India.

If you’re living in other countries then this method also for you. But before going to mine bitcoin first check out that in which countries bitcoins is legal. Let’s start mining Bitcoin.

How To Do Bitcoin Mining in India?

I know about the website which provides you in bitcoin mining in India. You can mine bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies as well. You can also invest money on that website to buy Bitcoins or other Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, DogeCoin, Ripple, etc.

The name of that website is “Eobot“. You can invest in this website to buy the cryptocurrencies or you can mine your favourite cryptocurrency using this website. Below I’ve explained to you in very well manner How can you do Bitcoin mining in India?

Steps to Mine Cryptocurrency

Step 1

First, you have to go to the website and create an account there. You can go from here. After creating an account you want to mine cryptocurrency. Once you have successfully created your account your screen will look like below image.

bitcoin mining in India

Step 2

You have to go to the mining section and click on GHS 4.0. After that website will load and then you have to click on Product then click on Faucet. See the below images for better understanding.


bitcoin mining in India
Now See the Below Image

bitcoin mining in India

Step 3

Once You come to faucet then you have to collect the Hash Rate. Hash Rate is an important factor for mining any cryptocurrency. Every time when you solve captcha click on Get Faucet Reward. You have to solve captcha 3 times to get your faucet. Then you come to the official website of Eobot.

bitcoin mining in India

Step 4

Once You have collected the faucet you can see your cloud mining power has increased. Now again click on Mining and select which coin you want to mine. If you select the big coin that means you’ll see the very small change in your mined coin in the large interval of time.

bitcoin mining in India

For example, if you try to mine Bitcoin then you’ll see there is no change in the bitcoin section. But if you mine little coins which have very less price then you can see a big change. I have started mining Dogecoin. You can see there is lots of Dogecoin on my account.

You can also mine Bitcoin once your cloud mining power will go high. Now the question is How can you increase your cloud mining power? You can collect faucets daily to increase your cloud mining power. Or you can exchange your mined coin to Hash Rate. I’m sure below image can help you in this case.

bitcoin mining in India

You have to choose the present coin in “From” section and select “Cloud SHA-256 4.0 24 Hour Rental” in “To” section.

bitcoin mining in India

This formula can increase you cloud mining power which will imply to higher mining power and you can buy big coins at the very faster rate.

This is all about this website “Eobot” Which can help you to bitcoin mining in India or in other countries. Hope you like this post. If you like this post then share this post with your friends and family.

If you have any doubt related to this post then let me know in the comment section or if you know some other website which also helps to mine cryptocurrency then also let me know in the comment section.



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