Remove whatsapp status section from whatsapp

How To Disable WhatsApp Status Section From WhatsApp?

Well, WhatsApp this instant messaging app is king in this digital world of messaging. There is one famous dialogue which you guys must have heard “WhatsApp me”. Now no one says “send a message on my WhatsApp”, everyone just says WhatsApp me. Now in this article, “How to disable WhatsApp status section from WhatsApp?” we […]

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How to get notification when someone is online

How To Get Notification When Someone is Online On WhatsApp?

Howdy, I know this sounds something very different. Because When we use WhatsApp normally we don’t get this feature. But in this article, I will tell you how can you get an online notify button on your WhatsApp. So let’s dive into our topic “How to get a notification when someone is online on WhatsApp?”. […]

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Stay online on WhatsApp

How To Stay Online On WhatsApp Without Being Online?

Well, It sounds something weird, doesn’t it? We can be online every time even without being online. Now definitely you must be thinking about “how is it possible?” then let me tell you it is possible. You can stay online on WhatsApp every time without being online. In this article, “How To Stay Online On […]

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