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How to choose a perfect keyword?


It’s quite difficult for us to choose a right keyword or perfect keyword for our website in case if you’re not using any tool. Because there are many tools available which you can use to find a perfect keyword for your website. But if you don’t have those tools then you can refer these tricks.

perfect keyword

Choose A Perfect Keyword

In this post, I’m going to tell you about how can you find the best keyword for your website? If you do not have any help of any help. On the Internet, there are many tools available which can help you to find the best keyword for your website as well as for post.

But all those tools are paid and their prices are too many high. If you can’t afford those tools then you must go through this post for higher ranking in search engine. As there are many factors responsible for ranking in search engine but focus keyword is very important. You can read the importance of keyword in the below article.

In this post, I’ll tell you about some tools which can help you to find profitable keywords for your website and they’re also free.

Tools For Choosing Right Keyword

What are the steps coming to your mind? When you go for keyword research. The first thing a long tail keyword. The second thing it must have high search volume. The third and very important it must have low competition. These three things you have to overcome for getting a perfect keyword for your website or post.

Now I’ll tell you the name of tools which will helpful for you while searching for the perfect keyword. Now we’ll go step by step to get a perfect keyword for our post. You have to select the topic. Now you can use any of the tools which link I’ve provided you in below to get an idea about focus keyword.

Once you get an idea about keyword now we go for long tail keywords. Now you have the topic as well as a focus keyword in your mind. We’ve to check either this keyword is profitable for us or not. Any focus keyword will only profitable for us if that keyword has high search volume as well as low competition.

We’ve overcome the problem of a focus keyword. Now we will check the advantage of this keyword. To covert any short tail keyword to long tail keyword you can use the following tools.

By using above tools you’ll a rough idea about long tail keywords. Now you have multiple long tail keywords. Which one should select so that we can easily rank in search engine. Let’s assume you have selected 5 long tail keywords for your post and we want to take one keyword as our focus keyword.

We’ve done two things we have selected focus keyword, have an idea about long tail keywords. Now only one thing is remaining the advantage of the keyword. As I said above the keyword will only give you profit if it has high search volume.

You can also overcome this problem by using one tool. And the name of that tool is Google Trend. What you have to do? You have selected almost 5 keywords now compare those keywords in Google trend and select that keyword which has high search volume.

perfect keyword

I have shared a screenshot of some keywords like “Star Wars”, “Avengers”, “Justice League”. In this way, you can select your 5 or more different long tail keywords in the place of star wars, AvengersĀ and Justice League.

You can see star wars has highest search volume amongst Avengers and Justice League. You can also compare your long tail focus keywords.

In this way, you can find a perfect keyword for your website or post. Hope you like this post, if you like this post then share this post with your other blogger friends. If you have any ambiguity related to this post then let me know in the comment section. If you have any other idea then also let me know in the comment section.

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