conversion rate affect ranking

Does Conversion Rate Affect Ranking?


In the field of SEO, we have to take care of all small parts which can affect our ranking. Today, In this post, I’ll explain you about conversion rate and its effects on your ranking. As well as I’ll give you answer this question “Does Conversion Rate Affect Ranking?

conversion rate affect ranking

Conversion Rate

First, let me explain to you what is conversion rate on websites? Please don’t consider this conversion rate related to sales. Because this conversion rate relates to online business and marketing. In short, you can consider conversion rate as your website productivity.

You can check your website conversion rate on Google Analytics. According to me if you want to rank in the search engine then you’ve to check your website performance on daily basis. Just like Bounce rate affect your ranking and we consider bounce rate as ranking factor.

Like that conversion rate also affect your website ranking. But it is not a part of SEO. Conversion rate affect ranking but in a direct manner. It affects your website in an indirect manner. On the internet our aim to please our customers.

How Can Conversion Rate Affect Ranking?

Now lets come to the point how can conversion rate affect ranking? As I said above conversion rate is not a part of SEO. We don’t have to take care more about conversion rate. But conversion rate is defined as how your website able to provide full information to a user.

conversion rate affect ranking

If a user comes to your website and finds difficult to get information or product from your website. Then your website conversion rate will be less. But if your website satisfies all things which a user wants then your website conversion rate will be high.

Now, what does user want from you? The answer to this question is very easy user want information in an easy way. If a user comes to your website and buy your product or click on the links which you’ve provided to them. Then it’ll lead to high conversion rate.

Now the actual question how can conversion rate affect ranking? In my previous post, I’ve explained to you how search engine upgrades itself for better user experience. As their new SEO trends 2018 soon Google will add a feature related to productivity.

If your website has high conversion rate then it’ll be considered as ranking factor. But still, now conversion rate is not a ranking factor. Hope you’ve gotten the answer to this question. But in future, it can a ranking factor like bounce rate. Bounce rate is also a ranking factor. You must read the below post.

How To Increase Conversion Rate?

Now there can be a question arise that How can we increase our website conversion rate? Now, first of all, you’ve to make sure that which type of conversion rate you want. If you want conversion rate related to newsletters or links.

Let me explain all things briefly, the conversion rate is nothing but user come to your website and click on your provided links either that was for product selling or link to another post or message of newsletters. If a user clicks on anything which is mentioned above then it leads to increase in conversion rate of that type.

You’ve to make a good strategy so that user coming to your website must click on anything. In this way, you can increase your conversion rate. In future conversion rate affect ranking of your website like now bouncing rate do.

But you’ve to also take care of a user experience because it matters a lot. SEO and conversion rate both are different things but both are important. SEO can grow your business and conversion rate can provide sustainability to your business.

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