downgrade android apps without root

How to Downgrade Android Apps Without Root?

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This is a problem which we’ve faced in a life one time at least. The problem is we’re not comfortable with the new update of an Android application. We want to go to the lower version of that Android application. In this article, you’ll know about “How to downgrade Android apps without root?”

downgrade android apps without root

Downgrade Android Apps Without Root

You can root your Android phone and then you could be able to get the lower version of that application. But we know that if we root our Android phone then we’ll not be able to access some important features of Android. So in this article, I’ll show you a shortcut which will help you to downgrade your Android app without root.

You can call this whole procedure an app downgrader. Let’s go to figure out this important trick.

Steps to Downgrade Android Apps without root

First of all, you need is to off the option “Auto Update”. If you do not off this option your Android apps will get automatically update without your permission. So you should off that option first. Follow the below procedure to off “Auto Update” option.

Go to Google Play Store. Click on “Setting” there you will find an option of “Auto-Update Apps”. This is only a simple thing you have to do. After that, you have to downgrade Android Apps without root.

downgrade android apps without root

Step 1

To Downgrade android apps without root. First, you need is to uninstall the latest version of that application.

Step 2

After uninstalling you need to install the lower version of that application.

Step 3

Now the question arises from where you can install the old version of an app. You can install any application from the below-given website.

Website: APK Mirror

downgrade android apps without root

You can search any application which with any version. You just need is to know which version you want to install. Download APK of that application and run it on your Android phone.

These are the just simple steps to downgrade Android apps without root. Hope you have liked this post. If you like this post then share this post with your friends and family.

If you know some other method to downgrade Android apps without root then let me know in the comment section. There are also many websites to install the lower version of APK’s.




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