earn $200 a month

How to Earn $200 A Month From Home?

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Well, Everyone wants to earn money from home without doing so much work. So in this post, I’m going to share some tips with you. So you’ll be able to earn $200 a month from home. This method is like buying shares of any company without investing money.

earn $200 a month

Earn $200 a Month From Home

In this post, I’ll not suggest you buy something or invest in something. In this process to earn money from home you need a laptop or computer. But there are some things which you’ve to take care. You need a laptop with at least Intel i3 processor and graphics card with at least 2GB memory.

If you have a gaming laptop or Gaming desktop then you could earn more than $200 a month. I think till now it is clear that you need a laptop or desktop with above-given specifications. Now we’re going to know What should do earn this much amount of money from home?

Tip to Earn $200 a Month

As I said above this method is like buying shares of any company without investing a single dollar. You’ll be going to mine cryptocurrency through your laptop or desktop. But You’re thinking to mine any cryptocurrency is very difficult to work. To mine, any cryptocurrency requires lots of knowledge and power.

In my method, you have to just download one file run it and earn from it. In my previous post, I’ve explained to you How to do bitcoin mining in India? If you read that post then you definitely know that there was also a simple trick to mine cryptocurrency.

You will be going to share your computer Hash power to that website. You will get paid for sharing your computer hashrate to that website. As in my previous post, I’ve explained to you importance of Hash rate in cryptocurrency mining.

Steps to Earn $200 a month

Step 1

You have to visit WinMiner Website from there you have to download SetUp Version. Or You can Download from Here.

earn $200 a month

Step 2

Once you have downloaded the file you need to run it. After installation, you need to select all machines present on your desktop. Because all machines can help you to earn more money rather than if you choose one machine.

earn $200 a month

Step 3

All things get set up and you will start earning.

You can see how much you can earn money in the Benchmarking-Target Section. If you have a gaming laptop or desktop then definitely your laptop graphics card will much better than my laptop. Which imply to higher hash rate. If you provide the higher hash rate to the website they will also give you more money.

You can see my profit in a day. I am not using any Gaming Laptop. But still getting a good Amount of money.

earn $200 a month

Now how is it alike to buy a share of any company? You can withdraw your money in PayPal or redeem any cryptocurrency.

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