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Well, there are many android applications available on the Google Play Store which let you earn money. But many of them are fake they don’t pay you a single paise for your work. Then you need a trustworthy way which let you earn PayTm money. So it’s time to be happy because in this article I am gonna tell you about Android App Roz Dhan which will help you to earn PayTm money online.

Roz Dhan App

First, we go deeper about Roz Dhan app. We must know about this android app “how are we going to earn? What is the purpose of this app? Is it a real or fake app?”. In this article, I will cover all these points and also tell you “How to earn more and more money through Roz Dhan app?”.

About Roz Dhan Application

This is an Android application. At this time you just have android version there is no iOS version till now. So if you are an android user you can enjoy the benefit of Roz Dhan App. Roz Dhan App has 5M+(Above 5 million) downloads on Google Play store. Here in this app, you can read recent trending articles, you can play games and you can also earn a big amount of money.

Roz Dhan logo

Let’s talk about layout and UI of this app then let me tell you that you will love the layout. UI (User Interface) of this app is very smooth and cool. This app has mainly 3 sections,

1) Home : Where you will find articles to read and games to play.

2) Earn Money: Here you will find different ways to earn PayTm money through this app.

3) Me: Here you can check you status and how much did you earn? etc.

How To Earn PayTm Money Through Roz Dhan App?

First, you need is to install this app. You can download Roz Dhan App from here. Once you install it you need to select a language. By selecting a particular language you will get article updates in that language. Now login and earn up to Rs.25 for that you need to provide your mobile number or you can use Google or Facebook account.

Once you log in successfully instantly you will get Rs.25. You will get addition Rs.25 if you provide code: 06II2W in the earn money section where you will find the option of Enter Invite code. This means you will get Rs.25 for downloading and Rs.25 for providing the above code. Please make sure that you provide the code as it is 06II2W. Below you will see step by step explanation with proper images.

invite code
steps to earn money through roz dhan app

Till now you will get Rs.25 for login for additional Rs.25 you need to enter code: 06II2W.

add invite code in roz dhan app
  • Note: If you will not provide code:06II2W in the invitation code box you will get only Rs.25

Now let’s explore the other options to earn money through Roz Dhan App. This app provides you with money in terms of a coin. Whenever you complete a task you get some coins for that or you can interpret it as a reward. You will get a different amount of coins for a different task.

Other Options To Earn Money in Roz Dhan App

Now you have Rs.25 and we want more for that you can perform different-different tasks to earn more. I will give you an explanation of those tasks which will give you tremendous coins to you. You will get 1500 coins i.e, equivalent to Rs.6 when you invite your friends to download this app. Here 250 coins are equivalent to Rs.1.What do you need to do?

  • First, go to Earn Money section Where click on Invite Friends option.
invite and earn
  • Now you can see your invitation code and option of inviting your friends like WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS and more.
share this code
  • Let’s share this app with the help of WhatsApp.
share on whatsapp

Now if your friend download this app through your link and provide your invitation code you will get Rs.6 and your friend will get Rs.50 for downloading and for providing your invitation code. So now you have Rs.6 in your account if you invite 10 friends in a day you will earn Rs.60 a day. In this way, you can earn more and more PayTm money through Roz Dhan App. But it is necessary that your friend must perform all task provided him/her then only you will get complete 1500 coins.

Below I have shown you how to do it properly? So that you won’t miss a single coin. I have provided with you proper screenshots.

earn more coins in roz dhan app

Now other ways to earn more money is you read the article provided in the Home section and share those article with your friends. Whenever you read an article you will get 5 coins instantaneously and if you share that article you will get 20 coins and you can earn up to 80 more coins if your friends read that article and you will get 5 coins per friend if he/she is reading that article.

detail earning of roz dhan app

If you daily check-in Roz Dhan App you will get daily basis coins which will help you to earn more and more through this android app. You can explore more options to earn money if you click on the Earn Money section.

How to Withdraw Money?

Now you must know how to withdraw your money? So I have told you this is a real money making app and it is. You can check what is your balance in My Balance option and if you have more than Rs.200. Then you are able to withdraw your money through PayTm. I will suggest you add your PAN card number in order to get 10% tax otherwise tax is 20% which is more. So it’s better you add your PAN card number.

The amount will be credited to your linked PayTm number within 72 hours and you can withdraw money only 5 times in a day. You must be a KYC user. You can watch the below video to understand this App in Hindi.

If you have any doubt related to this article or this android app you can comment in the comment section. And hope you like this article, share this article with your friends so that they will also earn free PayTm money through Roz Dhan App.

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