electric vehicles in india and their problems

Electric Vehicles In India Will Not Solve The Pollution Problem, Why?

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Well, it sounds weird, doesn’t it? We all know electric vehicles can bring us a pollution-free future. The major factors which create air pollution are burning fossil fuel, agriculture activity and exhaust from factories and vehicles. So what is wrong with India? Why electric vehicles will not solve the pollution problem in India? Let’s explore this concept.

electric vehicles in india and their problems

Electric Vehicles

In school or colleges, you would have definitely heard about electric vehicles. We know electric vehicles are the future and they are going to rule our roads in future. Because when we talk about fuels, fossil fuels are more expensive than electricity as well as more polluting than electricity. If you use an electric vehicle it will be better for your pocket and for nature also.

Future of electric vehicles is also good in India. But it will not be good for nature. You look everywhere you will find advertisements to the electric vehicle will 80% based on climate change or other activity related to nature. In India there are two main reasons, why is it not going to give the same impact to other countries?

The First reason is Indian Market and the second reason India is a developing nation. Now you may be thinking that 1st reason is understood easily but what is the other? To launch electric vehicles in India is not so easy as it in the USA.

Problem With Electric Vehicles In India

First, we will understand the Indian Market, why is it so difficult? We all know electric cars or vehicles run on batteries which are in-built into them. Now in India the cost of production of battery is too high as compared to other countries. Because the Indian Market of battery production is too much depends on import. The battery costs 40% of the total cost of Electric vehicle. So in such case, it is not possible for a country like an India which is cost sensitive market to acquire electric vehicles.

Yes, definitely we can acquire the electric vehicles but it is only possible when the Government of India provide subsidies to electric cars or say to electric batteries. But after it, this is not going to solve our pollution problem.

But our topic is related to nature and pollution. I am coming to it but I just want to explain to you everything related to electric vehicles problem in India. Now you know the Indian market. But suppose if the Government of India provides you subsidies then definitely you will buy an electric car. But you need to charge it for your use.

tesla power station to charge EV
Power Stations To Charge Your Electric Vehicles

There are two methods to charge your electric vehicle. The first is fast charging at provided or say dedicated power stations and second is charging your vehicle at home. But the charging your electric vehicle will contribute to pollution in our country.

Let’s know how charging your electric vehicle can impact pollution? In the India electricity production is done through the following ways,

electricity production in the India
Source: Wikipedia

Our 80% of the electricity is being generated through fossil fuel and other carbon-emitting substances. So if you charge your electric vehicles via this electricity then indirectly you are increasing pollution. Because nuclear power plants, coal-based power plants will definitely contribute to air pollution.

So unless and until we don’t use renewable source of energy to charge our Electric vehicles we will not be going to defeat pollution. But being developing nation India’s energy needs are dependent on coal-based power plants and we just can’t ignore them. So that’s why for developing nations like India electric vehicle will not solve pollution woes.

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