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How To Encrypt Files In Android & Also Decrypt?

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In the modern world, I can bet that you have listened to the word “Encryption”. This word is often used by much technological companies or website which provide us with knowledge about new technology like my website. In this post, I will tell you about encryption. What is encryption? How to encrypt files?

encrypt files

How To Encrypt Files? What is Encryption?

Now let’s start with What is encryption? Encryption this word stands to hide something in a special manner. In this new technological world this word encryption we often use for files. We hide our files or important data in special types of files.

You can call these files as coded files. When you enter a right password or right keyword then only you can recover your important files this process is known as decoding or decryption.

You can lock your files in your smartphone and you can also recover those files by decrypting those files. Now I think most of the users or viewers use Android Smartphones. That’s why in this post I will teach you how to encrypt or decrypt files in Android phones.

How To Encrypt Files in Android Phones?

Now let’s come to point How can we encrypt files? There are multiple ways through which you can encrypt files in laptops or PC. But to encrypt any file on Android phones is quite difficult. But if you follow the following procedure then it will be very easy for you to encrypt the file on your smartphone.

You can also decrypt your encrypted files by using the same application to decrypt any file you do not have to install other application. The name of this application is “Hide Files – Andrognito”. You can install this application from play store.

To encrypt any file on this application you have to follow the following procedures or you can watch the following video for more reference.



  1. First, install this application and set a password which you want.
  2. After that Open application and click on plus sign.
  3. After that, you will see three options like “All files”, “Images”,“Videos”.
  4. If you want to encrypt images then click on the image or if want some other option then click on that option.
  5. Then select file or image which you want to hide or encrypt then click on right sign.
  6. Your files will automatically encrypt.

Now you have learned How to encrypt files on Android phones? After encryption, you must also know how to decrypt files?

How to Decrypt Files On Android Phone?

If you want to decrypt the same file go to “All files” option select which file you want to decrypt then click on the unlock button then give your password which you have selected at the starting. Now your file will be automatically decrypted.

These are the few steps which you can follow to encrypt or decrypt your files. Below I have given the link of that application from there you can install that application.

Install Hide Files – Andrognito: Click Here

Hope You have enjoyed this post. Now you are able to encrypt or decrypt any file which presents on your Android phone. If you like this post then share this post with your friends and family.

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