factors affecting page ranking

What Are The Factors Affecting Page Ranking?


If you are thinking, why are my site pages not ranking on the search engine? Then you are at a right place today in this post I will be explaining everything related which factors affecting page ranking. If you notice all the factors clearly then you will be able to rank your page on search engine.

factors affecting page ranking


First, We will know about the factors which help any page to rank in search engine. After that, we will resolve all the problems which we do in case of writing post, use of a keyword, backlinks, etc. Let’s know all the factors which are important for any page to rank.

What Are The Factors Affecting Page Ranking? Main Backlink

The main factor which is responsible for any page to rank in a search engine is backlinks? Yes, If You are thinking that it’s not a major factor then let me explain you first thing How any page rank in Google Search engine? The Google Search Engine Page Ranking Algorithm works on page or site trustability and some other factors.

Those some other factors I will explain to you in the ending but let me explain you first the trustability concept. This trustability concept is very much related to backlinks concept in SEO. To understand these all thing very easily I have provided you an image and also an explanation in terms of an example.

Let’s take an example to understand it better.


In an any University One student name as Sachin wants to learn more about any topic and he required a friend or teacher who can explain him very easily. He first goes to a friend called “A”. His friend ‘A’ explain him about this topic but he also told him if he wants to learn more about this topic then he should go to friend “B” or teacher “C”. Now Sachin goes to friend ‘B’ and he gets an extra deepen knowledge about this topic. But Sachin’s friend ‘B’ refer him for an extra knowledge to teacher “C”.

Now Sachin goes to teacher ‘C’ who give him full detail knowledge about this topic. Now Sachin is satisfied by his knowledge but his teacher also refers him to another person know as person “D” who has complete knowledge about this topic.

In this whole procedure, Sachin finds trustability a chain. The chain looks like If someone wants a complete knowledge regarding this topic then he/she should go to directly to person “C”. See the Image which is given below.


factors affecting page ranking

Now correlate this image with backlink concept and trustability concept in page ranking of any page. If you search anything on search engine then you will get most trusted or a page which has high-quality backlinks. In the example, Sachin knows everyone must go to person “D” for doubt related to this topic. That means person “D” has high trustability for this topic.

Like this Google Search engine also rank any page in search regarding his query. The first page means more trusted or has high-quality backlinks the second page means less trusted or has a low quantity of high quality of backlinks and so on.

This is all about how Google Search Engine Works? How any page rank on Google Search Engine? But as I said above some other factors is also important for ranking or other factors affecting page ranking.

Other Factors Affecting Page Ranking

Now let’s know which are the other factors affecting Page Ranking. Other factors include the following things.

  • On-Page SEO Optimization.
  • Off-Page SEO Optimization.
  • Social Media Support.
  • Focus Keywords.
  • Website Loading Speed.
  • Domain Authority.
  • Inbound Links & Outbound Links.
  • Use of LSI Keywords in the article.

According to me, these are some other factors affecting page ranking of any page. Let me explain you all these things very quickly and easily. As you know the more backlinks mean a more trusted site which implies higher ranking in the search engine.

1) On-Page SEO Optimization:

This is also an important part of a page ranking without this your page which you wants to rank on a search engine is not possible. This on-page SEO optimization includes many things if you want to learn more about this then click on the below link.

2) Off-Page SEO Optimization:

This is also an important factor amongst the factors affecting page ranking. If you do not do this off-page SEO optimization properly then you can not rank higher in the search engine. This factor does not affect so much but it also has a great impact on page ranking factor. It includes social media share, other things.

3) Social Media Support:

In the world of social media if you does not have much social media support. This implies that you have not so much trusted the site or web pages. More social media support is also an indication of trustability of any site. Backlinks show trustability of any site like social media shares and followers also so trustability. So if you have more social media support then your page ranking will automatically increase.

4) Focus Keyword: 

If you are a blogger either newbie or professional you must know the power of focus keyword. If you do not choose the proper focus keyword then you will be not going to rank in search engine. You must choose proper keywords for your post to rank on search engine. You can use best keyword research tools. But you should use long tail keywords which have a great impact on ranking. You can also use tools for finding long tail keywords.

5) Website Loading Speed:

Today in this world all people wants everything fast if you have done all the things properly but your website loading speed is too low then you are not going to rank in search engine. Because if a person finds your site and also finding difficulties to load your site quickly then he will go to another site. This whole functioning will increase your bounce rate of your site which is also factors affecting page ranking.

6) Domain Authority:

Like Backlinks Domain Authority also indicates your website trustability. You must know if you want to rank on Google Search engine then your website must be more trustable. Domain Authority indicates in number your website trustability. If you want to check domain authority then click here. You can also improve your website Domain Authority.

7) Inbound & Outbound Links:

You must know that these are also factors affecting page ranking. The outbound links can improve your website domain authorityInbound links help your previous post to rank in search engine. So take care of these things also.

8) Use of LSI keywords in the article:

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords. If you don’t know about this thing then you must also know about this LSI keyword. Why should you use LSI keywords in the article? What are LSI keywords? How to find LSI keywords? These all question answer you can get from below link.

These are some other factors affecting page ranking of any web page. Now let’s go to the conclusion of this post.


The Conclusion of this post is that if you want to rank on search engine then you must have high-quality backlinks which are the biggest part of page ranking. And If you have the high-quality backlinks then you must take care of all the 8 things which explain above.

If you like this post then share this post with your blogger friends and if you have any doubt related to this post then ask me in the comment section. If you know some other factors which affect the page ranking then let me know in the comment section.



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