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What Is Favicon In Blog & Benefits Of Favicon?


Hi, Friends if you have a blog or you have recently started a new blog then this blog post will be important for you. If you don’t know how to start a blog then refer the following link. In this post, I will explain to you what is favicon in blog? How to upload the favicon to the website? What are the benefits of favicon to SEO?

favicon in blog

What Is Favicon In Blog?

Let’s first know what is favicon in blog? The favicon is the type of identity which your blog or website will have on the internet. You can change your favicon but this will be risky for you. The favicon in blogs is nothing but an image which represents the whole website. Let’s take an example. Have you seen the below image,

favicon in blog

Yes, You will surely see this image. This is a brand image of Facebook. What happens you open Facebook in any tab of any browser. You see the following image.

favicon in blog

This is called favicon of the website. But this is favicon of Facebook. Now the favicon of Facebook becomes an identity of Facebook. If you see this symbol anywhere you will first think about Facebook.

What Are The Benefit’s Of Favicon To SEO?

Now let’s know what are the benefits of favicon to a website or SEO? I will explain this question by taking a good example. Now think in your mind How do you come to this website? First, you had opened your desktop or mobile then you had gone to a browser. Now how do you know you have to go to this browser, not another one.

Probably your answer will be by an image of a browser. We can say that you have selected the browser by its favicon, not a name. Similarly, when you set a favicon to your website if people find your website too much good and trusted then after time if they see your favicon they will prefer your post first.

Now we have seen the benefit of favicon to the website. The favicon can increase your number of returning visitors. The favicon also benefits your website SEO. As I said above favicon is your identity on the internet. This will allow the search engine to boost your website.

How To Select A Good Favicon?

Now I hope you will completely know what is favicon in blog & why it is too important? Now I hope you will be also thinking about how to upload favicon image to my website or how to make favicon? You will see the different criteria of favicon and understand what should select?

  1. A Good favicon consists only one letter.
  2. Favicon must have the first letter of the website.
  3. Your website favicon should be simple.
  4. I recommend you do not add too many letters to your favicon.
  5. Favicon color should not be too light or too dark.

These are the key points you must know before making any favicon to your website. Because favicon is your website identity you can’t change it daily. So select the best favicon for your website. You can see my website favicon.

My website favicon consists of my website first letter name only and its look also simple. Why should you select simple favicon? Because the simple favicon will be easy for people to remember. The color of favicon also matter. Because if you select a light or dark color as your favicon background then this makes user or person difficult to see.

There are too many websites are present where you can make your website favicon as you want. I will recommend you a website which you can try but it is not free. Fiverr.com

How To Upload A Favicon To Your Website?

If you are using WordPress then it will be going easy for you to upload the favicon to the website. Now follow the following procedure to upload a favicon to your website.

Apperance>Customize>Site title>Site icon. Now you can upload your website favicon. But before going to upload you have to make sure that the image must be in 512×512 pixel image i.e, square image. Now you upload it.

Yeah, you have done all things properly. Hope you like this post, If you like this post then share this post with your other blogger friends.

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