overheating of android

Fix Overheating of Android Devices

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When we are using Android devices the biggest problem we face is overheating of Android Devices. In this post, I’ll explain you the reasons behind the overheating of Android Devices as well as how to prevent your device to overheat.

overheating of android

Reasons For Overheating of Android Devices

There are multiple reasons for overheating of an Android Device. I’ll discuss few of them which are the main reason behind it. You must know that if your mobile phone overheated usually then it can cause your mobile phone processor to be damaged. It also drains your battery.

1) Bluetooth, GPS, and other toggles

Bluetooth and GPS like toggles are always in running in the background of your Android Device. Toggles like Bluetooth and GPS are always searching for a new network or switching between networks which can cause overheating of your mobile. So if there is no requirement of these toggles then switch them off.

2) Heavy Gaming

You have noticed that when you are playing high graphics game or a game which has more subfiles your mobile phone get heated. If you do not want your mobile phone get overheated on then uninstall those gaming applications.

3) Damaged Battery

This is a technical aspect which causes overheating of Android Device. If you find your mobile battery swollen then remove it as fast as possible. It’s not only dangerous for your mobile but it can dangerous for your life. Because a swollen battery can blast. It might happen that you get injured.

4) Multitasking

This is can be a reason for overheating of your smartphone. Because some of the smartphone support multitasking but still get heated. You can also use YouTube in one tab and play a game in another tab. This is called PPI mode which is provided in Android 8.0 i.e, Oreo.

Till here we’ve discussed main reasons behind overheating of Android Devices. Now we’ll discuss how do you stop your phone from overheating? or how to cool down an overheated phone?

Stop Your Phone From Overheating

There are many techniques which you can use to cool down your mobile phone temperature. Some of them are just a technical aspects and some of them are professional ways to cool down your mobile phone temperature. I’ll discuss both the techniques.

  • Don’t use heavy covers on your mobile phone. Because it creates a problem in ventilation inside your phone.
  • Don’t use your smartphone when it is in charging mode.
  • Avoid use of unnecessary toggles.

Now let’s see some important things which you can do to stop overheating of your phone immediately. We can use some applications which are really helpful in this case.

1) Device Cooler Heat Minimizer

This application is very helpful for you if your device frequently gets overheated. This application stop performance of unnecessary applications. This helps the phone CPU to get cooler. You can install this application. I’ve given the link to this application below.

Install: Device Cooler Heat Minimizer

2) Coolify

This is also an android application which helps you to cool down the temperature of your smartphone. This is also working in the same manner of Device Cooler Heat Minimizer. You can install this application. I’ve provided you link to this application below.

Install: Coolify

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