GBWhatsApp Latest APK Download & It Features

GBWhatsApp Latest APK Download & It Features

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Howdy, In our day to day lifestyle we mostly use an instant messaging application like WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. But most likely we use WhatsApp. Many people spend an hour an hour using WhatsApp. WhatsApp already has some extraordinary features. But GBWhatsApp has some better features than normal WhatsApp. So in this article, we will know about “GBWhatsApp latest APK download and it features”.

GBWhatsApp Latest APK Download & It Features

GBWhatsApp Latest APK Download

In this year 2018 WhatsApp has added n numbers of features in it. But still, we want WhatsApp to be better than now it is. WhatsApp has added video calling feature, uploading stories like Instagram, and many of the features for WhatsApp group admin, etc.

But there are some features in GBWhatsApp which is not present in our normal WhatsApp like we can off blue ticks hiding, theming, etc.

Now let’s know how to download GBWhatsApp latest version? You wouldn’t find this app on your Google Play store or iOS play store. You need to download it from the external sources. So here we have the way you can download it.

How to Download GBWhatsApp Latest Version APK?

WhatsApp has some restriction which you can overcome with the help of GBWhatsApp. There are also so many applications which you can use as an alternative to WhatsApp. But the GBWhatsApp is best among all. So I will recommend you to use GBWhatsApp if you want to use any other app than WhatsApp.

The best part of GBWhatsApp is you can use official app also on your phone. In other applications, you can either use normal WhatsApp or their app. But in the case of GBWhatsApp, you can use both. GBWhatsApp runs on rooted as well as on non-rooted Android Phone.

The new latest version is GBWhatsApp 6.55. Now let’s go to download it. Steps to GBWhatsApp Latest APK download

  • First You need is to download its APK file which you can download from here.
  • Once downloading gets complete you need to enable Unknown Sources which you can do in the following way:  Setting>Security>Unknown Source. Refer the below image.

download gbwhatsapp


  • Now go to the file where you have saved your GBWhatsApp APK and click on it.
  • You will see the following screen which represents the start of the installation process of GBWhatsApp.

gbwhatsapp latest verison donwload

  • Now you will see the same screen as you see in normal WhatsApp at the moment of registering your phone number.

download gbwhatsapp latest verison

  • You can also copy data from your original WhatsApp the option you can see at the moment of registering yourself.

This is the only few steps you require for GBWhastApp latest APK download. Once you have downloaded GBWhatsApp you can customize your WhatsApp as your wish. Now few of the question which arises in the mind of GBWhatsApp users.

FAQ GBWhatsApp

1) Using this app will ban me from using real WhatsApp?

The answer to this question is no. You will not get ban from using the real one. There was a rumour that if you are using other alternatives of WhatsApp then you will get a ban from using real WhatsApp. This is true but in the latest version of GBWhatsApp, there is a feature of anti-ban. So you don’t need to worry about it.

2) Is it safe to use?

The answer to this question is Yes. But you are not too much safe because GBWhatsApp is not authorized as WhatsApp. But in the previous 2 years, there was no such incidence as the leak of users data or violation of privacy policy of users. So it’s safe you can use it.

3) Which app we should use?

It depends up to you. If you want some additional feature to your WhatsApp then you can use GBWhatsApp. But if you are satisfied with the features available in WhatsApp then you can stick to normal WhatsApp. GBWhatsApp Latest APK Download only when you needed.

4) Who is the founder?

GBWhatsApp Latest APK Download when thought this question and you go for installing you must know who is the founder of this app? This app is developed by a group of Android developers.

Now you are able to GBWhatsApp Latest APK Download. If you like the article “GBWhatsApp Latest APK Download & It Features” then please do share this article with your friends and family so that also get information about GBWhatsApp Latest APK Download & It Features.

Hope you also get an answer to some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If you have any doubt related to this article then let me know in the comment section.

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