Is Google AdSense The Best Advertising Program For Your Website?

Google Adsense

Is Google AdSense The Best Advertising Program For Your Website?

If you have a website and you have written a post and place the ads on it then you can earn money. This money you earned from the ads which placed on your post page. These ads are showing on your web page due to ads providing networks. There are multiple ads providing a network on the Internet but few of them are trustable and good. I had written a post on the multiple ads providing networks. In that post, I had also given pros and cons of that ad providing networks. But you will find there was nothing talk about Google AdSense. This question is also arriving in the mind of some Bloggers ” Is Google AdSense the best advertising program for website or blog?” The answer to this question has given in the last part of the post.

But the total answer of the question analyzes by checking all the details related to Google AdSense. After watching all the Benefits and loss of Google AdSense we will arrive at the answer of this question.

Google Adsense

AdSense is one of the best product of the Google. Google AdSense also provide ads to the website, blogs like other ad providing networks. But It has conditions and criteria for publishers who use Google AdSense for placing ads on their post. First, we will talk about benefits of Google Adsense. After some of the strict rules which are not loved by more people and they termed Google AdSense as bad ads providing a network.

Benefits Of Google AdSense
  • It is legal and easiest way to earn lots of money. The Peoples are earning thousand of the dollar daily from Google AdSense.
  • It is simple to use put AdSense on your website or blog write content and earn money by showing ads on your post. But the condition is that your website must follow the conditions of Google AdSense.
  • Google AdSense is contextual ad providing network. Contextual ad providing network means the ads which will be shown on your post or web page according to the type of content you are writing. e.g If you are writing the post related to technology then the ad will also be related to technology.
  • The Contextual ad network profit is that the visitor much of the time clicks on the ads by curiosity.
  • Google AdSense is also showing ads to a visitor by use of cookies. These cookies have the search history of the visitor. According to search history ads also shown on your web page.
  • Cookies search history dependent ad proving networks best part is that they give more money on clicks.
  • The Google AdSense ensure that the visitor will only watch the target ads not other.

The above all things make Google AdSense as the best ad providing network. But there are some other factors which make the best over the other ads providing networks.

Google AdSense is best as compared to other ad proving networks
  • It is easy to setup if your website follows all the criteria and conditions of Google AdSense. Simply put ad code on your website theme file and start to earn by showing ads.
  • Once you have verified your Google AdSense account for one website then you can add other websites to your account without any other complications.
  • Google AdSense is one of the best support networks on the Internet. Because you can learn from here how to increase your revenue or solve other problems.
  • In the case of the payment or to pay out your minimum revenue Google AdSense provides to you very transparent method. In the case of other ad providing networks, you can not pay out your money at the minimum level.

These are some benefits of Google AdSense which make Google AdSense is the best Ad Providing network on the Internet. Now we will discuss some problem faced by users.

Problem Related To Google AdSense
  • The verification process is a problem of Google AdSense. If your Website follows all the condition for the providing ads on your website. After that, it will take sometimes.
  • Google AdSense only verify websites of old six months from some countries. If you have the website and from India and China then your website must be Six months old.
  • Some of the users also complain that the payout level of Google AdSense is quite high. It must be low.

These are some problems faced by users. Some of the problems are really critical but some of the not so critical. But the critical problems must be resolved by Google AdSense team. I think the critical problem is the verification process for websites from India and China countries.

The overall conclusion of this post is that Google AdSense has some problems but when we compare Google AdSense to other ads providing network Google AdSense termed out as best ad providing network or program.


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