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Google AdSense Optimized WordPress Theme To Increase Revenue

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Want to earn more money from Google AdSense? If you are blogging to earn money from your blog or website. Then you must want to know more tips and tricks to earn more money from Google AdSense and there are multiple ways to earn more money. We can say Google AdSense Optimized for earning more money.

Google AdSense Optimized
Google AdSense Optimized


Google AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes For More Earning

We know that Google AdSense is the best advertising network on the internet. We can trust on this network and many of the bloggers earn thousands of the dollar per day using this advertising network. Like those bloggers, we can also make this huge amount of money through our website or blog.

We just need a website or blog. We must have also Google AdSense as our advertising network. To get the approval from Google AdSense to your website you can read the following post.

Once you get the approval from Google AdSense. You start Google AdSense Optimized for more revenue or to increase your revenue. In that ways to increase your Adsense revenue, One of the ways are choosing right theme for your blog.

If You choose right theme for your blog then this small thing can also help to increase your Google AdSense income. In this post, I will give you the names of those themes which you can use for more earning. Let’s know the names of those themes without wasting so much time.

Top 5 Google AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes in 2017

In this post, I will only talk about the names of those 5 themes and their features. Believe me, Google AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes give you an excellent result you must try these at least once.

1) AdSense Theme By MyThemeShop

If you are searching for a theme which is best in 2017 for more earning. Then you should try it first this theme has so many features. In those features, one of the best features is the anti-adblocker feature. This feature works as follow it will ask any user who has installed anti-adblocker on its device to first disable it. After that, anyone can see your post.

This technique helps you lot in case of earning through Google AdSense. Because nowadays many of the users use anti-adblocker to prevent to see ads. Which adversely affect our Google AdSense income. This theme comes with 8 different wonderful layouts. Which you can use according to your blog niche.

  1. Fashion Blog
  2. Tech Blog
  3. Food Blog
  4. Baby Blog
  5. Sports Blog
  6. Fitness Blog
  7. News Blog
  8. Online Shopping Blog

If you use Google AdSense for your blog earning and want to earn more money. Then Google AdSense Optimized WordPress Theme is MyThemeShop.

2) Truemag: Theme For Video And Magazine

This WordPress theme is very effective in the case of Google AdSense Optimized theme. This theme layout is very interesting it provides all the ads to show for a visitors. This will increase the number of impressions on your website ads.

By using this theme you can also add an online shop to your website. This theme provides very responsive result in the case of clicks on ads and impression. If you want to maximize your AdSense income then you should use this theme. But to use this theme your website niche must be a magazine or video type.

If you have a magazine niche then it will be a great theme for you. But if you want to use this theme then you must pay for it. This theme is not for the free use you can use this theme if you pay $59.

3) Admania: Google AdSense Optimized theme

If you think above theme has a limitation of blog niche. Your blog does not come under the magazine or video niche then you should try this one. This WordPress Google AdSense Optimized theme helps you like above theme. This theme is very popular for every blog.

This theme has a wide variety of features and user-friendly also. In this theme, you can add ads between the two post. You can add ads on home page sidebar. In this theme, if you want to add ads on anywhere for that you do not need to install any plugin.

You have to simply add ads code in which side you want to add ads. To use this theme is very easy. This theme also provides you faster loading as compared to other themes. This theme has 5 out of 5 rating on WordPress. For this theme, you have to pay $44.

4) Grimag: Another Google AdSense Optimized WordPress Theme 

Grimag one of the best theme for a blogger who uses Google AdSense Ad Network. Let’s know how Grimag will help you to earn more money from Google AdSense. If you are using any contextual ad network like Google AdSense. Then the ads which are showing on your website must be related to your content.

This theme has a sidebar which shows ads in very beautiful and strategic manner show that the ad will get multiple clicks on your website. So by using this theme, you will earn a lot of money. We can say that Google AdSense Optimized by using this theme.

This theme is also a paid theme you have to pay $59 for it. But according to me, this is nothing in front of the result which this will give.

5) IsleMag: Google AdSense Optimized free theme

Islemag this is WordPress free which you can use to optimize your Google AdSense income. This theme is very mobile friendly. This theme has a good record in case of loading even if it is free. In this theme, you can highlight a specific post so that you will get a more visitors on that post.

This theme also has some cons. But that cons I am not going to tell you. But I can tell you that pros of this theme are much more than cons of this theme. If you want to use a free theme which will optimize or increase your Google AdSense earning then you should use it.

This theme is ideal for those bloggers who have magazine type of niche. If you think that this theme is not much well then I recommend you at least first try it for 1 month and see the difference between this month earning and previous month earning.

This is all about the themes which you can use to optimize your Google AdSense earning. You can use these themes to increase your contextual ad network earning likely to be Google AdSense.

If you like this post then don’t forget to share this post with your other blogger friend. If you have any doubt related to this post then you can ask me that doubt in the comment section.

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