increase hash rate

How to Increase Hash Rate in Eobot?

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Now come to an important topic “Hash Rate”. Now in this post, We’re gonna know about what is hash rate? Why is it so important? How to increase hash rate? In this post, I’ll only tell you how can you increase your hash rate in Eobot? So let’s go.

increase hash rate

What is Hash Rate?

We’ll first know what is hash rate? Then after we go to its importance. By definition, Hash Rate is an output of hash function and the hash function helps the computer to size arbitrary sized data to fixed sized data. Since the hash rate is related to Bitcoins it will help your computer to solve Bitcoin Operation.

In my previous post, I’ve explained you how can you mine Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies with the help of Eobot. Hope You’ve read my previous article. Now in this post, you’ll see how to do mining fast and faster rate.

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Increase Hash Rate in Eobot

Now in my previous post, I’ve explained to you that you can buy the Hash Rate. But if you don’t want to buy them then you can also collect the cloud mining by means of collecting faucet daily. If you do not understand what I am saying so please go and read my previous post.

There is a trick which you can use to increase hash rate of your Eobot account. In this post, I’ll explain you that trick which results in increase hash rate. Let’s go for it.

Steps to Increase Hash Rate

You have to just follow the simple tricks to increase Hash rate of your Eobot account. Once your hash rate goes to higher this will directly imply the high speed of mining any cryptocurrency. As you know there are many options of cryptocurrency present in Eobot. You can mine any of them.

Step 1

First You’ve to create an account on Eobot. After that, you’ve to follow the same steps as I’ve told you in my previous post.

Step 2

Now you’ve to go to the Mining section. In the mining section, you’ve to click on “Diversify”.

increase hash rate

Step 3

Once you’ve clicked on Diversify. You’ll see your computer screen as shown in below image. You’ve to click on those coins which you want to mine. For example, I’ve checked the option if DogeCoin. Now come to the trick which will increase Hash rate of your Eobot account.

increase hash rate

Step 4

You’ve already checked one coin option now if you want to increase Hash rate then click an option of “Cloud Mining”. You can see the below image for better understanding. When you’ve done then click on “Save” button.

increase hash rate


Now, what will happen if you check these two options? The first option will help you to mine your crypto coin which you want to mine. And the Second option will help you to increase Hash rate of your Eobot account. You can see the below two screenshot which has taken in short interval of time.

increase hash rate
Now See The Next Image

increase hash rate

You can see the difference between the hash rate of above two images. In the first screenshot our hash rate is low but in the second screenshot, we can see that it has increased by some points.

So in this way, you can increase hash rate of your Eobot account. The high hash rate will help you to mine any cryptocurrency at the higher rate.

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