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How To Increase Website Domain Authority?


Domain Authority Or DA Or Moz rank this word become much popular amongst the blogger and webmaster in previous 10 years. This word becomes so popular and interesting because the high DA means high chances of ranking in search engine. Everybody want to increase its own website domain authority because it is a direct indication of search engine ranking.

website domain authority

What Is A Website Domain Authority?

Let’s first know about what is a website domain authority? This is a parameter which shown in figures to indicate website popularity and chances of that website web pages to rank in search engine. The website domain authority runs from figure 0 to 100 in which 0 is an indication of poor website quality and further shows good, better, best and superior website qualities.

If you read my previous post in which I have explained what are the factors affecting page ranking in which I have also talk about Domain Authority. Now to improve website domain authority or increase website domain authority has become the need of every blogger and web owners.

After reading this much information you will also be curious about how to increase our website domain authority? Then the answer to this question is divided into 5 parts. This means I will talk about 5 best ways to increase Domain Authority of your website.

But before going to those 5 ways I want to tell you something about Domain Authority. The Domain Authority of any website can not increase exponentially over a night. To increase your website DA you should work hard and smartly so that you can increase it as fast as possible.

5 Best Ways To Increase Your Website Domain Authority (DA)

Now before going to these 5 ways, I want to give you an addition 6th way which I have explained in my previous post. In that post, I have talked about How outbound links improve your blog domain authority? In this post, you will learn about what is an outbound link? This is a very simple and easiest method to improve your website domain authority as compare to these ways which I am going to tell you.

1) Internal Linking

This method is not only important for your website domain authority but also important for SEO of your website. Internal linking means you write a post and in that post, you had also inserted a link of the previous post or another older post. This is called internal linking.

When you have done internal linking you have also done an another great work on your current page which you are posting. Your current page will become more informative. It will also have a great impact on search engine ranking. Because by doing this thing you will make search engine bots find your site easily and crawl them.

But to get a profit of internal linking to your website domain authority it is important that your internally link page must be a do-follow link. If you put your internal link as no follow the link then this will be no meaning. You will not get a profit of internal linking to your website domain authority.

2) On-Page SEO

As I said in my previous post, On-Page SEO is an important factor for rank higher in the search engine. If you have not done properly on page SEO then you will be never rank in any search engine. This is an also important factor for increasing website domain authority.

If you want to learn detail about On-page SEO then you must visit the following link to understand it better.

If you follow all of the steps which explain in this post then you will be surely able to do On-Page SEO for your website.

3) Backlinks

Backlinks are the major and important factor for the ranking search engine. In my previous post, I had explained to you the high-quality backlinks are important for top ranking in search engine. If you have high-quality links or backlinks to your site then you will probably rank in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

There are many ways to get quality backlinks to your site to increase your website domain authority. In this post, I will explain you another great and easiest way to get more popular. Because without being popular you will be not able to rank in search engine. A good quality content needs promotion for ranking.

This promotion you can do by promoting your published posts on Twitter, Facebook high Domain Authority social media sites. This will help to increase your website domain authority. This will not give you a backlink to your site. But the power of social media is incredible you can not ignore the power of social media.

4) A Quality Content

This is a key factor for a newbie or professional for ranking higher in the search engine. If you do not have a high quantity of quality backlinks no matter. But if you doesn’t have a quality content then without an illegal way you can not rank in search engine.

A unique quality content is a key to success for any blogger or newbie in this field. If you publish high-quality content on your site and share it on social media platforms then you will be surely rank. As I said in starting of the post, domain authority is a parameter of chances for higher ranking. To measure domain authority of any site the parameters which include in which social media support also a factor. Which comes in an account at a time of measuring domain authority of any site.

5) Domain Age

In my previous post in which I had explained the factors which are important for ranking. In that post, I had clear a concept of trustability in which I had explained to you if your website is more trustable or not a spam site. Then you are going to rank in search engine. For more information click on the above link.

In Google Search Engine if your website age is too large then it is considered as a quality and trustable site. The website domain authority also depends on the age of the website. If you are a newbie and check your website domain authority which links I have provided you in down to check your website domain authority. Then don’t get panic because your website age is not so large.

It is also not declared that it is only a major factor for low domain authority. There are many factors which represent higher domain authority of any site.

These are the 5 best ways to increase your website domain authority but also remember that domain authority of Moz ranking can not be an increase over a night or day. To increase your website domain authority you must work hard.

Check Your Website Domain Authority

Now, After these, all thigs you want to know what is domain authority of my site? and what is domain authority of Android Smart Support website? You can check domain authority of any site by going to the following link.

You can check domain authority of any site. But you will find most of the site have domain authority below 50 DA score. You must Check Domain Authority of Wikipedia and Google also you will see an interesting thing.

You will also get an idea why people wants to get backlinks from Wikipedia?

If you like this post then share this post with your other blogger friends and if you have any doubt related to this post then you can ask me that doubt in the comment section so that I can clear your doubt.




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