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How To Become Best Programmer Online?

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Well in this digital world (the word digital attach to the world just because of programming & software skills) everyone who has been curious to computers has one goal common and that goal is to become the best programmer in this world. In this article, “How to become the best programmer online?” we are gonna look at the tips to become best.

become best programmer online

Become The Best Programmer In This Fast-Moving World

So, What do we need to become a good or say the best programmer in this world? Well according to me (who has a good knowledge of programming) there is only one way and that way is to gain lots of knowledge from everywhere you can take.

Now there are many books which you can read to become a good programmer (focus on my word good programmer). As I said you will be a good programmer if you read books or take courses etc.

You will not become best (hope you all know the importance of this word best). You will be the best programmer if and only if you have experience with you. Experience of mistakes which is commonly done by newbies.

So when I say become the best programmer online what does it means? It means you need to take online help with others to become the best. I am not saying that you don’t read books, don’t go to classes and lectures what am I saying all is? That is not enough to make you the best programmer in this world. You need more to be the best.

Why Should We Become A Programmer?

Now When I say you must become a programmer then there will be a for sure question that why should we? Then I hope the provided image will clear your doubt.

average salary of programmer

A computer programmer average salary in the USA is around $70,000 p.a and this is on an average to every country belonging to American and European continents. When you come to the Asian region the salary is around $50,000 to $55,000 p.a (which defers from country to country).

Now you can become the best programmer online. If you are already a programmer then you knew that this field is all about constant learning you have to learn something new each and every day. So without wasting too much time here and there let’s come to our main topic.

How to become the best programmer online? Online means you need to take tips & tricks or say help from other people who have put lots of their time and career in this field. So how to get in touch with those people? That’s why you are here! On this website, you will find an answer to this question.

In this article, I will tell you about Facebook pages and twitter handles which will help you to rule this field of programming. So let’s start with the Facebook pages which will help you to learn programming in a new way.

Facebook Pages To Learn Programming Languages

How to code? Sometimes this is become the biggest and important question, even for professional programmers. Here on these Facebook pages you will learn and understand how these people are solving real-life problems? How do they think? You must join/follow/like these pages.

Web Design & Development

Web Design and Development is a public group on Facebook which will not help you to learn web designing and development but also help you to get a job. Because in this group lots of jobs applications are there.

John Carmack

Well if you want to a game developer or programmer then this Facebook page is for you. Here you will learn all about games development. He is a game developer and ID software cofounder.

Linus Torvalds

Linus Torvalds has initiated Linux Kernel. He is now chief architecture of Linux Kernel with his Facebook Page which helps people to learn something new about Linux.

Richi Sanghvi

If you want to learn how to keep success as continue flow in this field then you must follow her page on Facebook. She was an engineer at Facebook App. After 2011 her journey was wonderful you must visit her page to get more info.

Free Code Camp Earth

This page has been managed by 12 team members. This page has 122,471 members right now you will learn how to code? here on this Facebook page. Also, you will get inspiration from this page.

Hope these online Facebook platforms will help you to become the best programmer online. Now let’s come to twitter.

Twitter Handles To Learn Programming Languages

Content on twitter is now considered to be a more relevant source of information. Here you will get news regarding polity/entertainment etc. But you can use this platform to become the best programmer online.

Now I am gonna share with you the names of those twitter handle which will help you to learn programming online on twitter there will be link also you just need to click on the name to go to those twitter handles.

Chris DeBona

Chris is a very dynamic person he has expertise in open source, C++, Python, Perl, Game Marketing, Game Development, Development relations, public relations, etc. He tweets amazing mind-blowing things about programming skils. You must follow him.

Sara Ownbey Chipps

Sara is a JavaScript developer. She has been working on an open-source community. She is also co-founder of this company is dedicated towards huge change in the number of girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) field. Sara herself devoted to making programming community better. You can trace her steps on twitter by following her.

Val Head

If you are interested in an animation field then you must follow her. Because she is author of Designing Interface Animation and The Pocket Guide to CSS Animation. You might hear about her. She takes conferences and workshop at companies about motion design for the web.

Lin Clark

If your dream is to make a cartoon with your programming skills then she is a god for you. Because of this amazing lady turn her codes into cartoon also she spoke interesting stuff regarding cartoon animations which will definitely gonna feel you. She’s also part of Mozilla’s Emerging Technologies Group.


We all know the demand for Python programming language. You may also want to master in this programming language. So Vickey Twomey-Lee will help you to master in Python language all you need to do is just follow him on twitter.

These are the twitter handles which will help you to become the best programmer online. Don’t forget to follow your favourite one and also do more visit to such pages and accounts to learn more and more.

Because much learning will make you the perfect either it is a book or website or any course. Hope you liked this article if you liked this article then do share this article with your friend so that they will also get a piece of knowledge.

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