how to chat on whatsapp without internet

How To Chat On WhatsApp Without Internet?

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Well, WhatsApp is the very popular instant messaging application. I sure you’re also using WhatsApp to contact your family and friends. But we know that without internet we can not chat on WhatsApp. But in this article, you’ll “how to chat on WhatsApp without internet?”

how to chat on whatsapp without internet

How To Chat On WhatsApp Without Internet?

To send or receive any message on WhatsApp you need at least a 2G internet connection without it you can’t make conversation on WhatsApp. Let first know how is WhatsApp working? So this is a very simple concept it involves 3 steps.

First, you type a message to your friend or family. Then this message goes to Server of WhatsApp. And after it through server message go-to receiver. It means from sender to server and from the server to the receiver.

This whole procedure requires an internet connection. Now let’s know how to chat on WhatsApp without internet? The trick which I’m going to explain you in this article will work for every chatting application. This means this article is a bonus for you.

Chat On WhatsApp Without Internet Connection

I think the question “How to chat on WhatsApp without internet?” is the very logical question which can arise in a mind of any person who has recently started using WhatsApp or other instant chatting applications. Because these applications are so interesting.

If you haven’t a good internet connection then you’ll miss these applications. But what if you can chat on any messaging app without internet?

This will definitely solve your biggest problem. But let me tell you one thing this trick will only work for those applications which we are using for only a purpose of chatting like WhatsApp, WeChat and other apps.

So let’s start how to chat on WhatsApp without internet? This is the very simple trick you just have to remove your sim card and insert a ChatSim. Now, What is a chat sim? ChatSim an international sim card which lets you send messages and emojis to your friend without using the internet.

You can send photos and videos or make a call by recharging your ChatSim. So the next question arises in your mind is how can we buy ChatSim? You can buy it from Amazon or the official website of ChatSim. I’ve provided you with the link of Amazon ChatSim product and Official website of ChatSim.

Official Website of ChatSim

Buy ChatSim On Amazon

So this is a way “how to chat on WhatsApp without internet?” If you like this article then share this article with your friends and family. If you are having any trouble in buying ChatSim then comment in the comment section. I’ll try to solve your problem as soon as possible for me. Or you have any doubt related to this article then do ask in the comment section.



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