Compress photos in android

How To Compress Photos In Android?

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Howdy, In today’s real world we take lots of pictures. And you won’t believe that we have too good cameras for taking lots of good piece of images. But the one thing which annoys us is the size of those images. So in this article, I am going to share you a trick “How to compress photos in Android?”

Compress photos in android

Compress Photos in Android Phone

So let’s start exploring things regarding compressing pictures in android phone. First let’s go through an example, suppose we go for a trip and over there we have taken lots of pictures. We have taken those pictures on a high-quality DSLR.

We all know taking the picture on DSLR require lots of memory space and now you want those images in your android phone. But you are running out of space. So how could you get those pictures? It requires compression of those images which is quite daunting if you are thinking in case of the android phone.

There are n numbers of software available on the internet to compress those images. Some of them are paid and many of them are free to use but they do not work properly. So here I have a trick for you. Using this trick you can easily compress images on your android phone.

But let me tell you one thing in today’s world not only DSLR’s are creating high-quality pictures with higher size but also mobile phone cameras are also creating high-quality images with a higher size. So you need to know this trick which I am going to explain below.

Steps to Compress Photos In Android Phones

You can compress your pictures with the help of the only compressor. Now, what are compressors? A compressor is a tool which helps you to compress your any kind of files which has large size into small size of files. For example, many of the softwares which we download from the internet are available in the form of ZIP files.

After we download it we extract it which has the bigger file then ZIP file. This is one kind of compression example. Here we want to compress images so we will use Image Compressor tools.

In Android, in order to compress images, you require an Android Application which will help you to compress images. Now in this article, I will tell you the names of best image Compressor applications and how they work. There are too many android apps which do the same work but in a different manner.

We have to select the best one. So the first app which I will recommend you to use is “Compress Image”.

1) Compress Image:

This android app helps you to compress all the images present on your phone at the same time. You need not specify which image you want to compress. If you want then there is also an option to select to compress. Compress photos in android phone which have lots of images one by one will be a tedious task.

So it’s better you compress all images with a single click. This will be a relief for you if you are running out of space. Here is a way to use this app. The best part of this app is you can compress your images with 97% of compression without losing quality.

  • First, you need to install this application on your android phone.
  • Once you installed the app you see the below image.

compress photos in android


  •  Now select the images you want to compress. And set you done with your work.

This how you can compress photos in android using Compress Image App.

2) Photo Compress:

This is the best application if you want to compress photos in android. Because this app comes without ads. The above app which does your work easily but that app has ads in it. But this app which done your work without showing you ads. This app interface looks like old fashion. But don’t forget “Old is gold”

Steps to compress photos in android

  • First, You need to install this app.
  • Here you can compress images from gallery or while taking photos. There is an option for both.
  • Once you have installed this app the interface will look like the picture which has given below.

compress photos in android phone

You can also do multiple compression using this app. This app allows you to compress photo with 50% of compression without losing the quality of that image. So you can also use this app to compress photos in android phone. Here you get multiple ways to reduce the size of an image by cropping, resizing and compressing.

There are also too many apps which do the same work but in different ways as I said above. Now I am going to list the name of those Android applications which you can use an alternative to these applications. The name of those apps with the installation link has given below,

  • Cram installation link.
  • Photoczip installation link.
  • Photo & Picture Resizer installation link.
  • Image Compressor installation link.

These are the names of application which helps you to compress photos in android phone. There are also many application which helps you to compress photos in android. If you know the name of any better application which compress photos in android then let me know in the comment section.

If you like this article then share this article with your friends and family so that they will also be able to compress their high-quality photos with higher size to a smaller one. Because this is a common problem in today’s world. If you have any doubt related to this article then please don’t forget to ask in the comment section. Also, tell me which application you would prefer to compress photos in android.

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