Remove whatsapp status section from whatsapp

How To Disable WhatsApp Status Section From WhatsApp?

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Well, WhatsApp this instant messaging app is king in this digital world of messaging. There is one famous dialogue which you guys must have heard “WhatsApp me”. Now no one says “send a message on my WhatsApp”, everyone just says WhatsApp me. Now in this article, “How to disable WhatsApp status section from WhatsApp?” we will learn this hack.

Remove whatsapp status section from whatsapp

Disable WhatsApp Status Section From WhatsApp

Now, why do we need to remove WhatsApp status section from our WhatsApp? The answer to this question is Old is gold. Now you guys will say then why do we need to upgrade every time we are better at what we are now. But it’s not like that sometimes technology brings many problems for us.

Now first we will gather information on how has WhatsApp been evolved from so long? First of all When WhatsApp has launched it was not so popular. But as time goes on it becomes a market leader or say gained popularity over Facebooks Messanger.

The main secret behind or say keystone of success is WhatsApp is an ad-free instant messaging platform. You can send or receive messages without watching a single advertisement.

And of course whenever we are chatting with our friends or someone else we want hassle-free chatting. That is exactly why WhatsApp sold for $19 billion which is a huge amount.

When WhatsApp has been roled out for the first time it has only the following features like messaging, photo sharing and contact sharing features not more than that.

But as time goes on WhatsApp bought us many mind-blowing features like video calling, WhatsApp stories or say WhatsApp status section for us. Now if WhatsApp story section is one of the greatest updates we had now, then why do we need to remove or disable it?

Before WhatsApp stories section we had normal WhatsApp status which is still there but that was not annoying. Now, Why am I saying this update annoying? Because every time when we open WhatsApp we see a new person has updated his/her status or story on WhatsApp.

Steps To Disable WhatsApp Stories Section

Now by removing WhatsApp stories section from your WhatsApp, you won’t see that section and at the same, you won’t be able to upload any status like before you were uploading.

So take your decision wisely. I know you can ignore WhatsApp stories section also but on-demand and also one WhatsApp hack which you must I am writing this article.

Now, what to do? Because when we upgrade WhatsApp there will be no option to disable WhatsApp status section from WhatsApp. Even on GB WhatsApp, we don’t have this feature to remove WhatsApp stories section.

GB WhatsApp has some awesome interesting features which you can’t access on normal WhatsApp present on Google Play Store. So to learn and enjoy those features click here.

So there is only one way to remove or disable WhatsApp status section is to downgrade your WhatsApp. Now I hope all you guys know what is downgrading? If you don’t know what is downgrading then you must read the below article.

Now the question is to which version you need to install and what are those steps to disable WhatsApp stories section from your WhatsApp? Then follow the below-given steps,

1) First of all, uninstall the current WhatsApp which you are using.

2) Now download WhatsApp V2.17.60 APK this APK does not have WhatsApp Status section. You can download this APK from the below-given button.

3) Once downloading completes you need to give allow permission this APK and perform the same steps to activate your account. Now you will see there is no status or story section in this WhatsApp.

You can use this WhatsApp normally as you were using it before. In this way, you can disable WhatsApp status section from your WhatsApp.

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