download any photo or video from instagram

How To Download Any Photo or Video From Instagram?

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Hey, Do you want to save some awesome images to your gallery? Yeah….. I know you would love too. But from where you can get those pictures and how to download it?🤔 So let’s get an answer to all these questions in this article, “How to download any photo or video from Instagram?”

download any photo or video from instagram

Download Instagram Photos and Videos

There is no hard and tough procedure to download any photo or video from Instagram. You just need to do simple things. We all know Instagram is a place where we can get not just one but a crunch of awesome images or videos which we love to watch.

These photos & videos are too awesome. Many times we want those photos or videos in our smartphone gallery. But there is a question??????

How to download Instagram photos and videos?

So in this article, I will tell you so many methods which you can use to download any photo or video from Instagram. If you have read my article, which was about how to download Instagram stories on an android phone? Here you can download stories of a person whom you follow.

Download Any Instagram Photos and Videos by Tech Update

But let’s know an awesome trick where we will not only be able to download stories but also we will be able to download any photo or video from Instagram.

Trust me this method gonna work for both the stuff i.e, for android and PC. So here we have all those methods……..

Save Instagram Photos & Video To The Gallery

First, I am gonna explain you web-based method. So that you can use this method for android as well as for PC. Because you just need to open a web browser to download your favourite photos & videos.

1) Web-Based Method:

For this method, you need to open two tabs on your android or PC screen. In the first tab open Instagram and that particular image or video which you want to download and in the second tab open any browser.

Now, copy URL of a video or image and paste it on a website know as downloadgram. You can go to this website from here. Paste the URL link which you have copied and now click on Download Button.

website to download instagram images
Procedure to download Instagram Images & Videos

After this, you will see the Download Image button just click on it and image or video will start downloading in your system. So in this way, you can download photo or video from Instagram on PC and Android.

App to download Instagram Photos and videos

Now, if you are using any android phone then you don’t need to follow the above method. Because an android application is far better than web-based services. Now I am going to tell you about one android app, which will let you do the same work i.e, download photo or video from Instagram. But using one android application.

The name of that android app is FastSave For Instagram you can install this app from the below-given download button. What do you need to do in this app? You just need to follow below steps,

Download instagram photos and videos
Complete Procedure: How to do it?
  1. First, launch this app on your android system.
  2. Click on the button Open Instagram.
  3. Now you will see your Instagram account. To download any photo or video you need to click on that particular image or video three dots.
  4. Then click on Copy URL that’s it the image or video will start downloading.
app to download instagram photos and videos
Here is an example: How to do it?

These were the steps you need to follow to download any photo or video from Instagram using an android application.

Hopefully, you liked this article if you liked this article then do share this article with your friends so that they will also get some piece of knowledge. And if you know some other awesome way to download photo or video from Instagram then let me know in the comment section.

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