how to download instagram stories

How To Download Instagram Stories On Android Phone?

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Howdy, We all are using Instagram in our daily life. Now, this mobile app has become a part of our life. What do we do here? We look for awesome pictures & videos of different things. They might be a celebrity, any place or the food. We love to see those awesome photos & videos. Now, in this article, I am gonna explain to you “how to download Instagram Stories?”

how to download instagram stories

Download Instagram Stories

Sometimes, we follow some pages or some people (occasionally celebrities, friends, meme pages, etc.). If you follow someone on Instagram and if they accept your following request then you can watch his/her photos, videos or any kind of other stuff that person has uploaded to his/her account.

Now, we love some images or videos they upload on their Instagram stories. And we want those stories to be available offline means we want to download those stories. Or we want to repost those stories on our Instagram Story section. So now how to download Instagram Stories? In this article, I will explain for Android phone users. As there are a huge number of android users on my website. For iOS users, I will put one app link in the last of this article. The way to download stories for both OS users is the same.

Andorid Instagram

For Android Users

So first let’s discuss How can we download Instagram Stories on Android phone or mobile?

For Android user, they also need to download one android application which will let you download Instagram stories of your followup friends. Just follow a few simple steps to download Instagram stories of anyone.

Here we go,

You need to download “Story Saver for Stories” this app will help you to download Instagram stories of anyone on your android mobile phone. You can download and install this app from below given Download Button.

Now let this app to be installed in your system and we will see the steps which we need to follow to download stories on Instagram. Here are the steps,

Time needed: 5 minutes.

To Download Instagram Stories of anyone:

  1. Download App

    You need to download Story Saver App from the above-given download button.

  2. Open App

    Once you open this app the interface will look like the below-provided image.Instagram story saver

  3. Sign-in

    Now you need to sign in this app with the user-id or user name of your Instagram account and provide a password. Let me tell you one thing this app is not fake or not owned by any hacker so you are safe if you provide password and username to this app

  4. Way To Download Stories

    Now you will be able to see the names and stories of your friends or to people whom you follow. Now click on any story which you want to download and then you will all the stories uploaded by that person. Just click on a particular story which you want to download then you will see four different options where you need to click on the Save button to save that particular instagram stories

If you like a particular post or story of someone and you want to post on your story section then you do not need to click on save button you can just click on Repost button and this app will repost that story on your account story section.

Hopefully, you liked this article if you have any doubt regarding this article then let me know below in the comment section. If you genuinely liked this article, then do share this article with your friend so that they will also get some piece of knowledge.

As I said above I will provide an app link for iOS users to download Instagram Stories. This app is alike Story Saver app all the steps. So to download that app click on the below Download Button. Name of this app is Regrammer App.

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