earn money while playing games

How To Earn Money While Playing Games?

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Howdy, Well as you have read the title of this article, you know what I am going to tell you. Earing a good piece of money in the world is very important. But trust me how do you earn? is much important than how much you earn? So in this article, I am going to share you some ideas regarding “How to earn money while playing games?”

earn money while playing games

Earn Money While Playing Games

As I said above how do you earn is much important than how much you earn. If you are doing any job or business which provides you with lots of money but you are doing that job only for the purpose of money then it doesn’t mean.

You must do a job or business which provide you with a good piece of money as well as it must be your favourite one. So what do you think about games? I know everyone loves playing games. If you can earn money while playing games then will you do it?

I know your answer must be “Yes”. So there are many ways to earn money not only go job for 8-9 hours but also other ways. You can earn lots of money in this digital world by mean of your computer, smartphone you just requires knowledge about it.

In this article, I will tell you tips and tricks regarding how you can earn money while playing games. I am not saying you will earn money if you play games on your PC or laptop only you can earn money while playing games on your android phone too.

Ways to Earn Money While Playing Games

I am going to share with you 5 tricks which you can use to earn lots of money while playing games. But you must be a good gamer so that you can earn a good piece of money. If you connect your gaming with this digital world then it will be glorious for you.

1) eSport Team Member:

This is a platform where you can earn lots of money. eSport means Electronic Sport. Now let me tell you about this platform. On this platform, you will see many of the pro gamers who have much better skills in video games than any other people. You can be also a member of this community you just have to show your skill in the particular video game.

If you will be worthy for this platform you will be selected. Now how can you earn from here? This platform frequently organizes many of the events where gamers can win many prizes depending on how good you are in that game. Let me tell you prizes are not only in the form of money it can be a luxurious car or any other luxurious thing.

So don’t ever think you will only earn money, you will earn money as well as respect in the eye of other newbie gamers. This is how you can earn money while playing games at eSport Team.

2) Become YouTuber:

Ahhh, it sounds something odd. We know that there is huge competition in this field. But the competition is higher in other fields like Tech Channel, Comedy Channel, Video songs Channels, etc. But there is not so competition in Gaming channel.

You won’t believe that there is a section of YouTube Gaming. You can stream your gaming experience or you can stream your video game while playing on YouTube. Now how can you earn? You can monetize your video with ads to earn money.

If you are new then you will not earn too much but once you become popular you will earn more than doing a job of 8-9 hours. This how you can earn money while playing games.

3) Share Gaming Strategies:

As I have explained above you can be eSport team member if you have good gaming skills. But what if you haven’t too much good skill. But you may have some of the best tactics to win any game. You can share those tricks on your blog or website.

You can monetize your blog with Google ads in order to earn money from it. Trust me many of the people often search on google “How to win COC?”,”How to win PUBG?”,etc. If you share you share the tips and people start liking your article or post then it icing on the cake for you. You can also upload videos related to it, Here you can also earn money while playing games.

4) Game Reviewer:

You can become a review poster. In this world, no one wants to waste his/her money to buy useless things. Every person first read the review regarding that product which he/she is going to buy. If he/she found it to be a good product then he/she buy that product.

Similarly, if you post unbiased reviews regarding video games and play station then surely people will like your articles you can earn through monetizing your blog or website. You can also upload a video on your blog or YouTube. This how you can also earn money while playing games.

5) Beta tester:

Let’s first know what is a beta tester? A beta tester is a person who finds a bug or any problem in the thing which is under development. The gaming world is a multi-billion dollar industry. Every day a new game start developing by some company.

And to test whether their games work properly or not on devices they hire beta testers. A beta tester usually figure outs the bug inside game and report this bug to the developer. Since they a beta tester work for the developer a developer must have to pay him/her for their job.

So you can also be a game beta tester which can provide you with lots of money. This is the last way in this list of “How to earn money while playing games?”

If you like this article then do share this article with your friends so that they can also earn money while playing games online or on their smartphone. Please do share your opinion regarding this article in the comment section.

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