export WhatsApp chats to pdf

How to export WhatsApp chats to PDF?

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Howdy, We all are using social media messaging giant WhatsApp. There are many things we do on this platform not only chatting but also other important things. So in this article, We will gather information on “How to export WhatsApp chats to PDF?”

export WhatsApp chats to pdf

Export WhatsApp Chats

Now, why is it so important to export WhatsApp chats? The answer to this question is very simple to have a backup. Definitely you will think, why should we take a backup when we keep backup on regular basis on Google Drive? This is a really genuine question.

You can keep backup on Google Drive but you can use that backup if and only if you have WhatsApp with you. You can not access the content uploaded to it unless and until you have that G-Drive access and WhatsApp.

But if you keep pdf of your important chats then you can access it anywhere at any time. So This is why you need to keep a few chats as pdf. This method is extremely helpful for students and online learners. Because nowadays most of the study materials are sent on WhatsApp groups.

Especially students groups like college and university groups. You always open WhatsApp chats of that particular group and read those content. It feels bothersome most of the time. So it’s better if you export WhatsApp chats to pdf.

Why am I emphasising on PDF? In this digital era, people have moved from books to e-books (a PDF of a particular book which you want to read). In PDF you have almost everything of a book including features of highlighting, searching a particular topic or word, etc.

Let’s come to the main topic, How can we export WhatsApp chats to PDF? This is a quite simple way you don’t need to use a third-party app. You just have to follow some simple steps to export your WhatsApp chats to PDF formate.

Steps To Export WhatsApp Chats

If you love to read content in PDF then you must have a good pdf reader installed on your system, haven’t you? If you are using any smartphone (Android 4+ version) then you must have an android application called as WPS office.

In case you don’t have that application installed on your system then you can download and install WPS office app from below download button. This is a necessary step to export WhatsApp chats as pdf formate. Otherwise, you will get your chats in .txt formate.

Once you downloaded and installed WPS office to your system you are ready to export your WhatsApp chats to PDF formate. Now follow the below-given steps,

1) Go to WhatsApp chat which you want to export.

2) Click on three dots provided at the right-hand top corner, click on more now you will see the option of export chat click on it.

3) You will see two options one is “without media” and another one is “include media” you can choose any one of the options you prefer.

export whatsapp chats

4) Once you selected the option you need to send this .txt file to one of your friends.

whatsapp chats in pdf

5) Now you will be able to check that .txt file open it using WPS office. Click on tools option over there go to file option and you will see export to PDF button click on it.

convert chats to pdf

Hurrah you have completed all the steps to export WhatsApp chats to PDF formate. This method is particularly helpful for you if you get your university or college or school notes on WhatsApp whether it includes media or not it doesn’t matter you just need to follow above steps to make your own E-book of your college or school notes.

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