fix android phone stuck in headphone mode problem

How To Fix Android Phone Stuck in Headphone Mode?

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Hey, Are you facing this problem often? Your answer is yes that’s why you are here. This is a very serious issue faced by Android users. Well cheer up I have a solution to your problem you just need to follow the instruction in order to fix this problem. Let’s know “How to fix an Android phone stuck in headphone mode?”

fix android phone stuck in headphone mode problem

Fix Android Phone Stuck In Headphone Mode

This problem is faced by many Android users nowadays. You may have faced this problem in following mobiles, Samsung, MI, Vivo phones. Due to this problem, you won’t be able to listen to the sounds of the phone even though you can’t hear the sound without using headphone.

But we can’t use headphone every time many times we have to use a phone without headphone. You can’t hear call voice without headphone or you have to put your call on speakerphone which will not be preferable. So you need to fix this problem.

Now let me discuss the reason behind this problem. There are two primary reasons first is physical damage to some part of the mobile and the second is a software problem. In many cases, this problem occurs due to physical damage and mostly you can’t fix it.

But you can fix this problem with some Android Hack which I am going to tell you in this article. After that, you can fix an android phone with no sound. So let’s explore this android hack and fix android phone stuck in headphone mode problem.

Solution To Android Phone Stuck In Headphone Mode

I am gonna tell you 5 different solutions in which first four are just temporary methods to fix this problem. This problem may rise again you can fix it with the same technique. But the last or say 5th method is permanent solution to this problem. So let’s go step by step,

1st Method: Clean Up Dirt From Headphone Port

Sometime it might happen that this problem occur due to presence of dirt in headphone jack. In headphone jack there are sensors who detect or activate every time whenever you connect a headphone. If some dirt stuck in your headphone jack then on screen you will see icon of headphone. You will face problem of no sound.

But I will recomand you just look in that headphone jack and if there is dirt then take you phone to repair shop they will clean it with precautions which you won’t take. This is the first solution which you can try.

2nd Method: Remove the Battery While Phone is On

Now you may thinking what is relation between battery and headphone jack problem then let me explain you. Sometimes this problem arise due to dumped caches and you need to clean this cache. Now days it is quite easy and mobile phones also have this option to clear cache.

But if you are not able to clear cache though system then you do this method remove battery while phone is on this will clear all cache from your phone and you will fix this problem.

3rd Method: Restart Your Phone

As I have told above this problem may arise due to some software problem and restarting you phone can fix that software problem. First check whether there is headphone jack icon or not on screen before restarting phone because some times due to slow processing it might happen you would see headphone jack after removing it.

If you see headphone jack after sometimes then restart your phone and this solution may fix android phone stuck in headphone mode problem.

4th Method: Factory Data Reset

If in your phone this no sound problem exists due to software problem then you may go for the 3rd method and after it, the problem doesn’t fix then come this method. You know what you have to do here you need to go to settings and find factory data reset and reset your phone.

But before you go to this method you need to take backup of your important data. Resetting your phone can remove unnecessary files which could have created that problem.

5th Method: SoundAbout

As I said above the last method will be ultimate solution to this problem don’t mind if above 4 methods didn’t work for you this will work. Now what you have to do you need to install one Android Application name SoundAbout. You can see this app is paid.

But paying some amount of money will save your mobile phone. Now I am gonna tell you what you have to do after installing this app.

  • The Screen will look like the below screenshot.
  1. Where you have to click on Media Audio and in that select option of Speaker.
soundabout tech
  • Now come to Phone Call Audio option where you have to select the option of Earpiece.
fix no sound problem with soundabout
  • That’s it you need to do these things only.

This method will definitely work if above all method didn’t work. Hope you like this article, and your problem also got solved. If it happen so then please do share this article so that other will also be able to solve android phone stuck in headphone mode problem.

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