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How To Hack PUBG Mobile Android?

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PUBG this is the very popular game amongst the Youth. This game has got good positive reviews on Google Play Store as well as on the iOS app store. In this article, You will learn “How to hack PUBG mobile Android?”. I’ll you for both cases of operating systems either it is Android or iOS.

Hack PUBG game

Hack PUBG Mobile Android

Well if you’re reading this article this means you’ve played PUBG at least once on your phone or others phone. This game was initially in beta version in Canada. This game has been tested so many times in Canada. After all, debugging this game has launched for other countries.

Let me tell you this game is popular due to it’s waiting time. Once this game was in beta mode PUBG had got popular among youths. Just after the launching of this game got the boom of trending and popularity. This game has reviewed with 5 stars on Google Play Store.

So what happens in this game, Around 100 of people has sent to an island and they have to survive. The circle always get shrinking and you have to be inside the circle or you’ll die. In that circle, you would have to fight with your enemies and stay alive.

The last person who remains unkilled declare as a winner and see the message of “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”. But if you’re new in this game it’ll be very difficult for you to play the game. Because there are already so many best players who will never let you win.

So in this article, I’ll tell you how to win PUBG game. But you’ll win due to the presence of hack version. But we know that still there is no hack version of PUBG on Google Play Store or iOS app store. You can hack this game with the help of GameGuardian.

Hack PUBG Mobile Game With GameGuardian

Let me first tell you all the features you’ll get after hacking PUBG. You will get features like Wallhack, instant kill, aimbots, improved aim assist, etc. For more features which you’ll get after hacking you would see after hacking PUBG. Hack PUBG mobile Android is not so easy.

Hence there is one tool which will help you to hack PUBG mobile Android. You know once you’ve installed PUBG on your Android or iOS system you face few problems which you can overcome with buying tools present on the game. The main motive of this game is to provide you with fantastic tools at a cheap price.

But let me tell you the price is not so cheap you may feel it as expensive. But don’t take tension I’m here to help you with this problem. You can hack PUBG mobile android with GameGuardian. But to use GameGuardian you need to root your android phone.

There is also another way to hack PUBG mobile android with the help of PUBG Mod APK. But you will not get an authentic experience when you are using PUBG Mod APK. So its better to you go for GameGuardian.

What is GameGuardian tool?

GameGuardian is the tool which will help you to hack PUBG mobile android. GameGuardian works only on rooted Android devices. So ready to root your android device. Because at the moment there is no other way to hack PUBG. But you can win every game sincerely with your high skills.

But to gain those high skills you need to spend quality time with this game. GameGuardian tool can hack every popular game present on the Google Play store. This tool has the ability to execute scripts of any game. So let’s have a look at how can get PUBG to execute the script file.

Hack PUBG mobile android script can only be done via GameGuardian. Now let’s see how to perform each and every steps to hack PUBG mobile android.

Steps to Hack PUBG Mobile Android:

Step 1:

First, you need to install this game if you haven’t installed this game.

Download PUBG: Click Here.

Step 2:

Now root your android mobile if you haven’t rooted your android phone. If you have a rooted phone then you are ready to go.

Step 3:

Now its time to use GameGuardian tool which will help you to get executed script file of PUBG. But I’m sure you don’t have APK of GameGuardian. So you can get and install GameGuardian APK from here. Once you have installed GameGuardian successfully. Now its time to hack PUBG mobile android.

Step 4:

Now open GameGuardian and allow it to run on background and then open PUBG.

Step 5:

After the game has loaded you need to tap on GameGuardian icon and now press on the menu option and click on “Execute Script”.

hack pubg mobile android

Step 6:

In this step, you have to find the folder where you have saved file PUBG Mobile.lua script and then tap of the execute button.

hack pubg android

Step 7: 

Now this game will load once more and you have to click on GameGuardian icon and now the select option of “New Bypass (Open After Tecent Logo)”.

hack pubg game

Step 8:

Here you go, Now script file has loaded and you ready to hack PUBG mobile android. Now you have to select which hack features you want like Wallhack, aimbots, instant kill, etc. Don’t forget to get a wallhack feature because it allows you to see behind the wall.

hack version pubg

This all about how to hack PUBG mobile android. If you follow all steps then you hacked PUBG. Now go and get the message of “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”. Hope you like this article, If you like this article then share this article with your friends so that if they are a newbie in this game then they also feel like legends of PUBG.

If there is another way to hack PUBG mobile android then let me know in the comment section.

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  1. hey, bro thank you so much for sharing this information. I never knew about the gameguardian tool, it is really informative and helpful and thanks for the wallhack information keep posting !!!

  2. That’s a lot of information and absolutely thank u for this article but, this thing will literally reduce the amount of enjoyment u get without such hacks in your game…being a gof in the game will be so much boring and you’ll uninstall the game after 2 days..

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