increase speed of old mobile phone

How to increase the speed of an old mobile phone?

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Howdy, If you are visiting this article then definitely you must be worried about the speed of your android phone or you must have fed up with the speed which your phone providing to you. Am I right? Now in this article, I am gonna tell you a way which can increase the speed of an old mobile phone.

increase speed of old mobile phone

Way To Increase Speed of Android Phone

Yes…… This article is all about android phone slow speed problem. If you are using an android phone for more than 2 years then definitely you will see a slow down in the performance of your android phone, won’t you? If you are facing slow down in your phone for less than 2 years then let me know in the below comment section.

Increase Speed of phones

As a phone becomes old the performance of android phone also starts decreasing. But you will learn how to increase the speed of an old mobile phone here in this article.

But if you want to know the few basic reasons, Why does the speed of android phone decrease with time? Nowadays smartphones have become cheaper. If you are getting something in the low price this means that manufacturing sector that commodity has also manufactured that commodity at a low price.

Due to this the component added to your commodity has low quality as well. Now as time goes on these components stops working. The reliability of these components are very low that’s why you guys face the issue of speed slow down in your old android phone.

Remedies To Increase Speed of An Old Mobile Phone

In my point of view, there is only one way to increase the speed of an old mobile phone. You need to overclock your android phone. Now, What does mean by overclocking?

In overclocking we increase the speed of the processor as much as want or say to the maximum level to its capacity. Now you will think how’s it possible? Yes, it’s possible. Here is a way to do it just follow the steps.

But before proceeding ahead I want you to keep one thing in mind and that is if you are overclocking your phone then definitely you are going to face an overheating problem.

You will see fast drain in the battery of your phone. Whenever you do any multiple tasks then also you will see the overheating problem. Now the question is “Why do phones overheat?”

Answer to this question is when you overclock your phone the processor of your android phone works on its maximum capacity or the limit which you have set. This cause the problem of overheating to your phone.

For new mobile phones, I will recommend you guys not use this method. Because overclocking will remove your phone from warranty conditions. You can use several methods to reduce the overheating of an android phone.

Steps To Increase Speed Of Any Android Phone

Now here are the steps which you need to follow to increase the speed of an old mobile phone.

1) First Root your android phone:

The first thing which you need to do is Root your android phone. You can use any app to root your android phone.

2) Download SetCPU for Root Users App

You need to download this app and install it on your system. Below I have given button to download this app.

3) Balance Speed of Processor:

Once you have allowed this app access to phone it will scan your system and now you need to set maximum and minimum speed of your processor. The maximum speed will help you to achieve maximum speed when you need it and the minimum will be for the rest of the time.

But don’t click on Set on Boot button until you feel this speed is reliable to you. As you can see in the above image.

4) Set the priorities:

In this way, you can increase the speed of an old mobile phone. But always you don’t require that much speed so need to choose the priority “when do you want maximum speed?”

So as you can see in the above image there are multiple options and you can select any one which you want or say when you want the maximum speed of your android phone.

That’s it in this way you can increase the speed of an old mobile phone. But most of the android phone users prefer to switch to other phones or they buy a new phone.

But if you are not going to buy a new phone then you can use this method to increase the speed of your old phone.

Hopefully, you liked this article. If you liked this article then do share this article with your family and friends. Because this article can help them a lot.

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