how to optimize blog post for seo

How To Optimize Blog Post For SEO?


We all blogger wants to optimize our website as well as our content. So that your website will rock in a search engine or say on the internet. There are many ways to optimize a website. Website optimization includes speed, theme, the structure of the website, etc. But in this post, we will talk about How to optimize blog post for SEO?

how to optimize blog post for seo

There are many ways which must know you to optimize your blog post. Those ways are very simple to do as well as to follow. Let’s know those ways which will help to optimize our website content.

How To Optimize Blog Post For SEO?

Optimizing your blog post includes many things. But it first starts with a Keyword or says focus keyword. After that, you have to focus on keyword density. It also includes optimization of snippets. It also includes a use of a plugin.

1) Choose of Focus Keyword

How to optimize Blog post? In this case, we exclude the term SEO. Because optimizing content for SEO is much similar to on-page SEO. Now we will only focus on content optimization rather it includes on-page SEO or not. In my previous post How to start Blog? I have given some tips How to write your first and awesome post?

I will suggest you must use long tail keywords. There are many tools which you can for long tail keyword finding. You can refer the following link to find long tail keywords.

Selection of your focus keyword is very important for your blog post. Because every search engine will know about your blog post by your selected focus keyword. The search engine shows your post to users. There are many factors affecting page ranking.

2) Focus Keyword Density

After selecting focus keyword you have to make sure that you have used that keyword in a specific time. So that search engine will completely recognize your blog post by mean of your focus keyword. This help at the time when someone searches that focus keyword.

If the density of focus keyword is in good amount then the search engine will first show your post. Why I have suggested you use long tail keyword so that competition will be less. But you must take care that you have does not use focus keyword more than 2% of total post keyword.

If you are using Yoast SEO plugin then this 2% margin will be showing in the last of the post in the help center.

3) Optimization of Snippets

If you are thinking about How to Optimize Blog Post? The optimization of snippets is a must. If you are thinking about what is snippets. Let me clear to you it is nothing but meta description. We must use our focus keyword in meta description at least once.

But take care that your snippets must be awesome. Because many users only click any post after reading meta-description of that post. You can also take help of rich snippets which comes under advanced SEO techniques. If you want to know more about rich snippets then refer the following link.

4) Optimization of Heading of Blog Post

You have done all things for optimizing your blog post. But You had forgotten about heading then it will be like you had done a donkey work. Because Optimization of the heading of the blog post is as important as you have put focus keyword in your blog post.

Optimization of heading includes only a few things. You have to put focus keyword in your heading and if is it possible then ensure that the focus keyword at the starting of heading. In some cases, it is not possible to put focus keyword at the starting of heading.

Because when you are writing a post. You have to take care that you heading should be attractive and meaningful.

5) Use of Plugin

When you are writing any post then you can not give full attention towards every point. To full fill this problem or to solve this problem you should Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin is free on WordPress and other platforms. Yoast SEO will show you a Green Signal when you have done all things properly.

You can see in the following image.

how to optimize blog post?

When you will use Yoast SEO then you will also able to see this type of Green Signal Which Show A Good SEO and A Good Readability.


Now come to the conclusion of this post. When we optimize our site content or say we optimize a blog post. We only required these few things. You can optimize your every blog post with the help of Yoast SEO.

I will not say optimizing every content will help you to rank in search engine. But it is also a factor which indirectly helps in ranking. There is no difference between On-Page SEO and Optimization of a blog post.

Hope you will get an idea about How to optimize blog post? If you like this post then share this post with your other blogger friends. If you have any doubt related to this post then ask me that in the comment section.

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