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How to record WhatsApp video call on Android?

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Well guys, we often used to video call our family and friends. But sometimes we want to record this memory for future purpose. So here in this article, I will tell you 5 different ways to record WhatsApp video call on your android phone.

record whatsapp video call

How to save WhatsApp video call?

I think if you are using any android phone then you must have an inbuilt system of voice call recording. But there is no system to record video calls. Sometimes it becomes necessary to record video calls not only for memory purpose but also for some evidence purpose.

WhatsApp video call recording
Record Your Memories

So you must know all the possible ways to record video calls on your android phone. In this article, I will tell you the android apps which will help you to record WhatsApp video call or say will help you to save WhatsApp video calls.

You will not only be able to record WhatsApp call but also you will be able to record Duo, IMO and other video calling apps videos. I will give you a list of 5 different video call recorder apps.

But before beginning, I just want to tell you one thing use this knowledge for a good purpose. Because sometimes recording something weird can harm you or can put you into the problem. So take your decision wisely.

record whatsapp video calls
Make Memory With Video Call

Now let’s dive into this beautiful knowledge to learn something new…………..

WhatsApp Video Call Recorder Android Apps

Now I have given the list of 5 different android apps which can help you to record WhatsApp video call or any other video calling platform videos. The method is equivalent to all the platforms.

Even you can record your Snapchat video calls. Because most of the people often love to make a video call on Snapchat. You can view the most popular video calling app names here.

So here is the list……..

Record WhatsApp Video Calls On Android Phones by Tech Update

1) AZ Screen Recorder

This android app helps you to record your complete android phone screen. So you can use it while making any video call. Because once you turn on this app during video call it will record your video call also.

This app has some awesome features in it. If you want to record video call at the instant you just need to make sure that this app is running in the background.

Just shake your phone twice it will turn on this app and video will be recording automatically.

2) XRecorder

This is one of the highest-rated application on Google Play Store platform. The best thing about this app is it record your android screen in full HD mode and compress that video in maximum possible.

This will help you to record WhatsApp video call which goes long. You just need to make sure that you have turned on this app. This app also don’t make watermark of your video. This provides you privacy-related to that video.

3) Mobizen Screen Recorder

This is also a wonderful app which will let you record WhatsApp or Facebook video call. This WhatsApp video call recording app is much better than other apps in terms of UI.

It is very easy to use and the file size generated during recording is also too less. But the one thing about this app is it puts a watermark on your video. But if you like this app then you can also buy its paid version. In the paid version, you will find a solution to this problem.

4) ADV Screen Recorder

If you want the best alternative app which is easier to use and has simple UI then you must try this app. This app can also record your WhatsApp video call or your Duo video call, etc.

So if you don’t want more complexity during recording then you must try it. The one thing which I loved about this app is you can also turn on your front and back camera while recording your android screen.

This is one of the best things which will be loved by a Game recorder who wants to record the game as well as himself.

5) Inbuilt Screen Recorder: For Xiaomi Users

If you are using Xiaomi or MI phone then you must have one Screen Recorder App inbuilt into it. You don’t require to install any third-party app. Because of this app provides you with all the necessary features which you need to record the screen of android phone.

Using this app you can record your WhatsApp video call or your Duo video call. This is also the best option for you if you have any Xiaomi phone.

Hopefully, you liked this article. If you know some other apps which let us record our video call then also share the name of those apps in the comment section. Because of this is a platform of knowledge you must share your knowledge with others.

If you liked this article then do share this article with your family and friends. So that they will also get some good piece of knowledge.

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