secure your android phone from hackers

How To Secure Your Android Phone From Hackers?

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Howdy, In this fast moving world technology has grown exponentially. Now there are too many things present on your android smartphone. These things can be your private or any kind of other information. Just think if you’re Android phone got hack then What will happen? So in this article, you’ll learn “How to secure your Android phone from hackers?”

secure your android phone from hackers

Secure Your Android Phone From Hackers

In this world, there are so many smart people present with dangerous kind of thinking in their mind. They can steal your personal information as well as the password or anything which can be valuable for them. In the world, many peoples are running on Android Operating System.

In this article, my target will be to ensure the safety of Android phone users. Let me tell one thing if high authority companies or organisations want to hack your phone then you can’t do anything except then following some aspects which I’m going to unveil in this article. High Authority organisations mean FBI or any other security agency.

Before going to our topic let’s see what can a hacker do?

  • A hacker can easily access your private data.
  • A hacker can steal your private photos for social media or any other sites.
  • Hacker can access your bank passwords to steal your money.
  • Hacker can introduce a virus or ransomware in your phone.
  • A professional hacker can change any system or upgrade your system according to him/her.

So we’ve seen a hacker can do many things if he/she hacked your android phone. Now let’s see how to secure your android phone from hackers.

List of Ways To Secure Your Android Phone From Hackers

1) Don’t Save Password On Any Browser:

The first and important thing a hacker wants is your online site passwords like your Gmail account password, Facebook account password, etc. If he/she got these passwords then he/she can do anything that they want. So don’t save your password on any browser.

We often save our passwords on the browser to save our time of login. But that fraction of second can lead to stealing of your password. So if you’ve saved password on any browser then go there and delete them now. This can secure your Android phone from hackers.

2) Use Android Security Systems:

Now, what is android security system? Then let me tell you its an inbuilt security system which we got at the time of buying the Android smartphone. In simple language, we’ve got face lock, fingerprint lock on our android phone. We can use it as the second layer of security for our android device.

You must put PIN lock, fingerprint lock, face lock on your personal files. If you’re putting PIN lock then make sure you’ve put strong PIN so that it will take too many time for a hacker to hack that file. In this way also you can secure your Android phone from hackers.

3) Avoid Third Party Applications:

Sometimes it might happen that malware or ransomware enters into your smartphone through any third party or a third-party website. These malware or ransomware are provided by hackers. In this can let’s consider about ransomware if it enters into your smartphone it can lead to locking your phone.

You’ll only be able to open it if you provide ransom to a hacker. To secure your android phone from hackers don’t download any third party Android application or don’t download any third party file from any third party website.

4) Keep Check Status of Your Phone:

You should always check the status of your phone. Now, what does it mean? You’ve to check what is present inside your phone. You can check it where all downloaded application status is shown. Check that there is no any third party app which should not be there.

If there is any third party app then it might happen that application stealing your personal data for a hacker. In this way, you can also secure your android phone from hackers.

5) Be Updated:

There are too many bugs inside an Android operating system. And android keep on changing or debugging those bugs so it will be better for you if you update your operating system on time. Because in the updated operating system no one can hack you. This can be easy and better to secure your Android phone from hackers.

6) Don’t Store Password:

Many people have habits of saving password on their phone. Because they can’t remember it. That’s why they try to save it anywhere. But think about what will happen if someone got your phone? Or if your phone got hacked then anyone can get your password or back credit or debit card detail.

Many people also save their CVV or other banking details. Please don’t save password anywhere or also don’t save your password on any android applications. Because no one knows the authority of those app owners. It can also help you to secure your android phone from hackers.

7) Don’t Use Public Wifi:

At this time this is the biggest medium for hacking is free public Wifi. A hacker can easily bypass this security and can easily reach to your data. Once he/she access to your phone then you know what will be going to happen! If you’re using free public Wifi then make sure that you visit only “HTTPS” websites, not “HTTP” web.

Because hackers first intention is your online activity and it is very easy to read for “HTTP” websites. Follow this tip to secure your Android phone from hackers.

8) Turn off Bluetooth:

As free Wifi is medium of hacking for hackers like that Bluetooth is also the best medium of hacking for hackers. So it is better to turn off your Bluetooth if it is not necessary. Follow also this tip to secure your android phones from hackers.

9) Browse Safely:

As I said you can get virus or ransomware from the internet which is mainly spread by hackers. You’ve to browse safely as well as incogonitoly. You can use VPN to browse safely. Below I’ve provided the list of names of VPN. If you want to know which one is better then please do visit that post.

This is also a best to secure your Android phone from hackers. The internet is primary gateway for hackers to enter into your mobile phone. So when you’re using it be careful what you are downloading and what you’re watching or visiting.

10) Don’t be Greedy:

Sometimes we become greedy and don’t want to waste our money it also tends to loss of our private data. Let me explain you in detail most of the people don’t want to pay for any software or songs they torrent it. Many times fake users upload virus files on the place of the real torrent file.

We download those files to save our money and we download viruses also. And you know what next is going to happen. So don’t be greedy. In this way also you can secure your Android phone from hackers.

Hope you guys like this article “How To Secure Your Android Phone From Hackers?” If you like this article then share this article with your friends and family so that they will also get aware of this knowledge. We don’t want anyone to lose his/her privacy on the internet.

Because sometimes hackers can be very dangerous for you. If you have any doubt let me know in the comment section.






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