how to spy on android phones

How To Spy On Android Phones?

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Well, everyone wants to spy on other Android phones. But it’s too difficult to spy on someones other Android smartphones. But in this article, you’ll learn “How to spy on Android phones?“. So let’s go to know how to spy on other android phones?

how to spy on android phones

How to Spy On Android Phones?

After reading this article, you’ll be one spy who would be able to spy on other android phones. So read this article very carefully. To become a spy and spy on some other Android devices is not so easy. It requires lots of knowledge and of course a hacker mind.

But to become a hacker is not so easy. But you can still spy on some other Android phones without being a hacker. In this article, I’m going to tell you about 5 different Android applications which will help you to spy on other Android phones.

These apps are paid as well as free to use. Some application which is paid also have a free trial version. So let’s start our list. I’m also personally using these applications for sometimes to spy on other Android phones. I’m sure you’ll get the answer to your question “How to spy on Android phones?”.

 List of Applications for Spying On Other Android Phones

In this list, I’ve included 5 different applications which work for 5 different type of spying. So let’s go to know.

1) Ear Spy

You can use this application to spy on some other person who is not in your room. You have to install this application form Google Play Store and place your Android phone in that room from where you want to listen to the voice. It doesn’t pop up and give you clear sound voice.

You can record the voice at the time or listen and forget about it. Its main feature is no one is going to know your phone is on a recording. This will clear your doubt of how to spy on android phones

Link to Install Application: Sorry Friends but this application does not exist on Google play Store From Now Date: 25-May-2018

2) Automatic Call Recorder

Sometimes you want to record calls from some specific mobile numbers. But when you’re on call and important discussion has missed from recording then what to do? This application will help you to record calls from those specific number whom you want to record.

In setting, you can choose those which mobile numbers you want to record. This application record sound of a front person as well as surrounding sound in a clear voice. Hope this application will clear your doubt of how to spy on Android phones?

Link to Install Application: Click Here.

3) Monitor Call SMS Location

This is a very cool application which gives you satisfied with this question “how to spy on Android Phones?”. Because this application let you know the exact location of incoming and outgoing SMS and calls. This is not a free application this is a paid application.

But you can use this application free trial version for 3 days. And if you like this application then you can take paid version also. This is clear in a way of how to spy on Android phones.

Link to Install Application: Click Here.

4) Hidden Eye

This application is a really hidden eye for you. Because this application takes photos of a person who tried to unlock your mobile phone when it is locked. This information is very helpful for those who are thinking there is some change in their phone when they are not present at the time.

This is application clear doubt of how to spy on Android phones.

Link to Install Application: Click Here.

5) Hide Calls Automatically

This application is very helpful for your privacy. Because sometimes you won’t want to display unknown incoming and outgoing calls. Then this application will work for you. This application deletes all the unknown incoming and outgoing calls from your call history.

This is a very helpful application for them who search for how to spy on Android Phones.

Link to Install Application: This application no longer exists.

Hope you like this post and if you like this article then share this article with your friends and family. If you know the name of some other application which clear a doubt of how to spy on Android Phones? then comment in the comment section.

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