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How To Start Blog?

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If you don’t know about blog or website. But you still want to become a blogger and want to build your own site. Then you must read this post carefully. The first question arises is How to start blog? How to create a blog? What are the blogging platforms?

how to start blog

How To Start Blog?

Let’s start with the platform which should you choose. You can choose WordPress as your platform. To start with blogging WordPress can be a better platform as compare to other and handle it is also too easy. You can make blog easily by following all the guides carefully.

After, When your blog will ready for publishing.Then the biggest question arises among the newbies is that What should write? & in What should be the format of my blog? etc. You have to go through following points to be a good and successful blogger.

  • Select Your Niche.
  • Learn About Keyword Research
  • Think About Your First Post
  • Make Your Post More Beautiful
  • Do Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  • Promote Your Website or Blog

I have given all 6 topics which I will briefly explain in next. Let’s go for your new website or blog.

How To Start Blog With The Best Niche

Selection of your niche. First, you have to select your niche. What should be a basis to select niche? The answer to this question is very simple you should select your niche as in that field in which you have interest and much knowledge about that field.

When you select your niche then you have to think about, how to write a post on it? How to grow that post and your website? Let’s take some example of niche, there are many types of niche. You can choose anyone which lists are given below.

  • Technological Blog.
  • Videos Blog.
  • Family Blog.
  • Web Information Related Blog.
  • Science Information Related Blog.
  • Fixation Related Blog.

Etc. There are a various variety of blogs. You can choose anyone or anything different.

Take an example of a technological blog. In this type of blog, you can write a post related to new technologies and you can explain about old technologies how they start and other things related to it.

Now all things have done you have made your blog and select your niche. Then you should know about keyword research.

How To Do Keyword Research With New Blog?

This is the thing due to which your website indexed in the search engine and people know about your site. If you do keyword research properly then you can drive more traffic to your blog. We know more traffic is a concern in the case of earning through your blog and affiliate marketing.

There are many tools for keyword research. Now first know what is a keyword in any post. We can say keyword as focus keyword in our post. You have to select a focus keyword which represents your that post which you are writing.

Let’s take example You have selected a post which is realted to technology niche and you are writing about a new technology which is now introduced by Google in the market. Before writing a post you have to select a keyword or word or focus keyword which will represent you post in search engine.

You have to select a keyword which has low competition, high search volume, and other important things. You can choose a best keyword research tool for handeling all this things.

For a low competition, you have to go for long tail keywords. There are many tools which you can use for long tail keyword research. This is all about How to do keyword research with a new blog?

Your First Post With Your New Blog

Now you have also a keyword research for your first post. You have to select an engaging and good title which must consist of your focus keyword which you have selected. You have to make your first post as like your best post on your website.

Because your first post tells about your website and you have made your that post as cornerstone post. Cornerstone post tells Google search engine about your website niche and ranks your site on the basis of that post. You must internally link your that first post with other posts.

How To Make Your Website More Attractive?

How to start blog? This is not only the biggest question in front of a blogger. The biggest question is How to drive more traffic to your website? For that, you have to understand what are the factors affecting the ranking of your site?

In that factor, one of the important factors is an attraction to your blog. You can make your website or blog more attractive by following things,

  • Selection of theme
  • Adding Good and Informative Pictures
  • Adding Good and Related Videos

These things make your website too much attractive and make your new visitors as returning visitors.

Do Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

By doing search engine optimization. You tell every search engine about your site and content in it. It consists of mainly two types first is On-Page SEO and Second is Off-Page SEO. You can do this all things by completely understanding about both of these.

You can also do search engine optimization with the help of Yoast SEO. This plugin present on WordPress. You can learn more about SEO on my website in the category of SEO.

Promote Your Website or Blog

You have done all of the above things. But let me first tell you that this is not enough. There is much competition in the field of blogging. You have to do all possible things to promote your website or blog. You can use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, etc.

How to start blog? How to become so popular? These both questions are so parallel. You must have to first increase your social media traffic for more number of visitors on your blog.

The best and great way are Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook.

I have explained you all about How to start Blog? Hope You will be very clear about How to start blog? If you like this post then share this post with your other blogger friends. So that they will also learn about this post. If you have any doubt related to this post then ask me that doubt in the comment section.



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