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How To Stay Online On WhatsApp Without Being Online?

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Well, It sounds something weird, doesn’t it? We can be online every time even without being online. Now definitely you must be thinking about “how is it possible?” then let me tell you it is possible. You can stay online on WhatsApp every time without being online. In this article, “How To Stay Online On WhatsApp Without Being Online?” we will learn this tech.

Stay online on WhatsApp

How To Keep WhatsApp Online All The Time?

There are lots of reason, why do you want to be online every time? One of the reason can be you want to show your online presence 24 × 7. And there can be many other reasons. But the important thing is “how to stay online on WhatsApp even if you are offline?”

Now, come to the point. WhatsApp and other social media show you online when you are using that particular app otherwise it don’t. The trick which I am going to explain in this article applies to both WhatsApp and Messanger.

I am gonna explain to you 4 different tricks. You can use any one of them whichever you find convenient to you. You can use any one of the technique to stay online on WhatsApp or other instant messaging apps.

How To Make WhatsApp Always Online?

There are many ways but I will only explain those tricks which are quite easy. So here we start with our 1st trick,

1) Stay Alive

This is one android application which will help you be online every time. Here every time means whenever your phone screen is on. That means if you are using your phone but not using WhatsApp or any other instant messaging app still you will be online.

Now here is instruction how to use this app?

  1. First of all download this app from below given download button.
  2. Then open WhatsApp or Messenger and make sure that it remains running in the background.
  3. Once you download this app it will try to keep your phone screen on if you are using any remote app.
  4. What does it make? It makes your phone awake and the running app (WhatsApp & Facebook) show status as online.

If you are using any old version of the mobile phone then you need to download this app. But if you are using a newly launched phone then go for the next trick.

2) Mobile Phone trick

What are we doing?

We are running WhatsApp application in the background to make our profile to be online every time. So if we can manage to turn on the mobile phone screen until we are using it or until we press the power button.


We can make it. In new mobile phones in power setting option we have an additional option Never Turn Off this option lets your screen on every time unless you click on the power button.

So in this manner, you can be online every time even if you are offline. The same thing we are doing in the above trick but over there we were using one third party application.

3) WhatsApp Web

I hope you guys must have heard about this tech. You can use this browser-based tech to make your WhatsApp profile online 24 × 7. So what you need to do is go to WhatsApp and open WhatsApp web and enable it.

Now on your laptop screen make sure that the browser which you are using must run in the background and this will help you to stay online on WhatsApp.

This is a simple trick everyone can follow…………….

Now if you haven’t loved anyone of the above trick then I have a final method for you which is one above all in this trick to be online 24 × 7.

4) GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is one of the best moded WhatsApp in present. It has some extraordinary and other kinds of privacy-related features. In those features, it has one option to be online every time for that you need to follow the below-listed steps,

  1. Download and install GB WhatsApp.
  2. Now Go to the settings section.
  3. Now click on other mods and there you will see the option of Always Online option.
  4. You just need to turn on that setting.

That’s it this is the only thing which you have to do. So this is easy, isn’t it?

Just by following the above methods you will stay online on WhatsApp without being online.

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