how to upload high quality photos on whatsapp status

How to upload high-quality photos on WhatsApp Status?

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I think in this world almost every person is using WhatsApp. WhatsApp is an instant messaging app which let you communicate with your family and friends. Not only we communicate here but also we share photos and videos. But on WhatsApp, there is a problem of losing quality. So here in this article, We will learn “How to upload high-quality photos on WhatsApp Status?

how to upload high quality photos on whatsapp status

Upload High-Quality Photos On WhatsApp Status

On WhatsApp, we often share photos & videos with our family and friends. But there is a new feature in WhatsApp we all know as WhatsApp Stories or status. In this section, we upload photos & videos of ourself. But as we all know before uploading anything on WhatsApp, its server compresses that file (.png, .jpg, .mp4, HD). Right????????

compressing images
This how WhatsApp compress images🤣😂

Due to this compression, the quality of your video or photo also gets compromised. But we don’t want this to happen, so what to do? If you are sending an image to someone then you can send him/her that particular photo in high quality for that we have a trick. You don’t know that trick then you must read the article, “Send Photos Through WhatsApp Without Losing Quality”

If you have read the article, then you might be thinking right now that “how can that trick apply to WhatsApp stories?“. True!!!!!!

how to think
Think Guys😅

You can’t apply the same trick here. So you need an additional support system which will let you upload high-quality photos on WhatsApp status.

We all know WhatsApp is not only an instant messaging app in the world there are too many. But if we want our friends to see those stories then we must have to use WhatsApp only………….

So for this problem, I have one solution. You can say a secret solution. This will solve your all problems like uploading high-quality content (photos & videos) on WhatsApp status.

Trick To Upload High-Quality Photos On WhatsApp Status

Yes, we want to upload high-quality photos on WhatsApp stories 😃. So here is the trick. I hope you guys know about mod WhatsApps. If you are using mod WhatsApp then you are going to enjoy many mind-blowing features that you will never see on normal WhatsApp (official WhatsApp).

So let’s see what is the name of this WhatsApp? what are its features?

This mod WhatsApp has many awesome features. But as per the title of this article, I will only share with you trick how to upload high-quality photos on WhatsApp?

So let’s dive into the beauty of this knowledge………….

The name of this moded WhatsApp is “FOUAD WHATSAPP” I have provided a link to its official website. From the below button you can reach to Fouad WhatsApp official web.

Now what you need to do? You need to download the latest version of this app. But before you install this WhatsApp on your android phone make sure that you have already uninstalled the original WhatsApp.

Now once downloading completed click on install button and install this app. After this, login to this WhatsApp with your WhatsApp number and start chatting with your friends.

But we want to upload high-quality photos on WhatsApp status for that you need to go to the status section and from there click on any picture whichever you want to upload and just upload it.

You will see that the quality of a photo doesn’t lose. I will suggest you guys to at least visit the screenshot section of FOUAD WHATSAPP website. Over there you will see features of this app.

Hopefully, you liked this article 😉. If you liked this article then do share this article with your friends so that they will also be able to upload high-quality photos on WhatsApp status.

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