How To Use Ezoic On A Website?

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How To Use Ezoic On A Website?

In the previous post, I had explained you all about how to increase earning using Ezoic. In this post, I will explain to you how to use Ezoic on your website. If you do not read the previous post then you must first read it.

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To enable Ezoic on your website is the little bit difficult but you will definitely understand in this post.

Ezoic Tutorial Starts

To enable Ezoic on your website first you have to follow this conditions or complete these conditions

  • Create an account of CloudFlare and link it to your website
  • You have to add the Ezoic script to your blog header
  • You have to convert all your existing ads unit to serve as Ezoic and create new ads unit
  • After that, you have to apply for google ads exchange program

First, you have to search Ezoic on google after that, you should create Ezoic account on Ezoic. At a time of creating your Ezoic account, you should remember that the sub-domain name is not supported there. You have to provide your domain name. When you enters into Dashboard you will see 3 options there. The options are like,

  • Integrate Your Site
  • Setup Ad Testing
  • Turn On Ezoic

The first option is to integrate your site with Ezoic. Click On the first option and you can integrate your site with Ezoic by using CloudFlare. After that click on Integrate Now

  • Login with your CloudFlare account and fill your email address and password of your website and you will get a successful message

After that follow the steps which come on screen and complete the integration of Ezoic on your website. In some of the steps, you have to add some snippets code to your websites which are not so tough.

The Second Option is to Set Up Ad Testing. If you are using WordPress then first you install ” Header & Footer” free plugin to your website to add some codes on this step. Add the codes to the blank area by copy and paste. Once you complete this step click on the “Continue to Step 2”.

  • After complete above work, you have to create new ad units on your website.

If you have ads on your website you will aware that there is no limit to show ads on your pages. But the number of ads on your website make your page is reading to difficult. If you already have the ad on your website then you need to only warp them within codes generated. Once you will replace all ads now you can add more ads on your website using Ezoic. But My suggestion is that don’t add more ads on your website it will become unconventional for users.

  • You will see the option of “Ad Tester” click on it. After that Click on “Add Display Ad Unit”
  • You will see the new page with more option like to show ads on Desktop, Mobile, Tablet and also an option of the size of ads. You can choose your ads size and other things and after completing this click on “Create Ad”.
  • After that, you will see some codes copy that and paste into your “Widget” section of your website.
  • Apply it for Desktop, Mobile, Tablet devices.

The Third Option Turn On Ezoic, In this, you will not have to do any complication simply Click “Turn On”. After that on more option will be appearing. This option will be about “Apply for Google’s Ad Exchange”. By clicking on this your application of ads exchange will be submitted and this will take a time of 24 hours.

By completing all above steps you will enable Ezoic for your website and this will cost some money. You have to pay money only in the condition of if you does not want to show ads of Ezoic on your website. If you show ads of Ezoic on your website then you do not have to pay for it.

The one question will appear in your mind is that ” Will Ezoic completely remove your before ad network?”. The Answer to this question is”No”. Ezoic will not be removed completely your before ad network. The application called “Mediation” on Ezoic Dashboard you have to install. This application will allow you to link your before ad network to Ezoic.

Hope This post will help you to understand all the things related to Ezoic. If you have any query and doubt related to this you can comment in comment section.

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