https affect ranking

Does HTTPS Affect Ranking?


Now you know that my website is trying to provide you with all sufficient detail about SEO. We want you must know about all things which relate to SEO. Because SEO(Search Engine Optimization) helps you to rank in search engine. In this post, I have raised one question “Does HTTPS affect ranking?”

https affect ranking

HTTPS Affect Ranking

The answer to the question is “Yes”. HTTPS affect the ranking of your website or any webpage. Now first let me clear to you What is HTTPS? HTTPS is secured layer which you can enable your website. HTTPS contain an SSL certificate which implies that your website is not harmful.

In this post, I’ll be not going into deep of HTTPS. I’ll simply explain to you how this SSL layer can increase your ranking in search engine. When it comes to ranking we have to include all points which can help you to rank in search engine.

Factors Affecting Ranking

I have written a post which will tell you all factors which affect the ranking of our website or webpage in the search engine. You can read that post which link has provided below.

There are many important factors like Domain Authority, Backlink, PageSpeed, etc. In my point of view, HTTPS doesn’t affect more to the ranking of any website but little bit affects.

According to data, there are very fewer websites on the Internet have SSL layer or HTTPS connection. There is the only biggest difference between HTTPS & HTTP. The difference is encryption.

How HTTPS Affect Ranking of Website?

Now come to the main question how the HTTPS can affect the website ranking. Because more than 75% website on the Internet does not have HTTPS or SSL certificate. But still, it matters because when it comes to search engine less important things also matter.

https affect ranking

Google or other search engines want to provide the best result to there users. Here the best means accurate information with high speed of data transformation along with security. Because when a buyer goes to a shop he/she wants a good product with fast delivery and security to there product.

Same thing happens with a website who have SSL certificate and a website who does not have SSL certificate. In HTTPS websites you have an end to end encryption. There is no chance of risk of data which you provide to that website no one can steal it. But on the non-HTTPS website, this guaranty was not there. You can say it HTTPS SEO impact.

https affect ranking

Now if there is two website one who has SSL certificate and another one not but both website selling the same kind of product. But Google will prefer a website who has SSL certificate. Because Google wants to give the best experience to there users.

Now I think you know why SSL certificate is important for a website. Because HTTPS affect ranking in the search engine of every website. So You have to move to HTTPS from HTTP.

Because when it comes to the ranking in a search engine any small thing also matters. If you like this post then share this post with your other blogger friends so they also know about this information. If you have a doubt about this post then let me know in the comment section. You have some other ideas then also let me know in the comment section.



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