What Is Importance Of Advertisement Placement And Display Size

What Is Importance Of Advertisement Placement And Display Size

In the previous post, I had explained to you how Ezoic will increase your Adsense advertisement revenue. If you don’t read that post then read that post first: http://www.androidsmartsupport.com/increase-adsense-ad-revenue-ezoic/

And in the previous post, I told you that I will explain how and Ads display size and placement help in earning money. In this post, you will definitely understand how to place the ads and resize the display size of ads.

Testing of Ads On Your Website

Testing of ads on your website will help you in two things 1) To Make More Money On Your website 2) To Optimize Users Experience

1) To Make More Money On Your Website: When an owner of the website tests his website then his main intention is only toward to make more money on his website. This website testing also provides a good data to understand how to increase earning on the website.

2) To Optimize Users Experience: As I said above that the testing of the website gives data. This data can be helpful to understand the condition of the website. One of the conditions can be like, One type of Ads on your one page make users leave your site. On another page, the other ads can be not irritating people’s. But the both types of pages earning the same amount of money. In this condition, one page makes difficulty to users. But the another one makes preferable to read. This data can be found by testing of websites. But this is quite difficult to test the websites. But In this post, you will easily understand the testing of the website.

In the testing of Website, you will find the option of testing of ads. In that, you will find Testing of Ads A/B. But I am going to tell you which one is better. To make more money on your website you have to do the test in right way such that you will see some good results.

A/B Test are not much better because this gives you the result of the multiple ads on per page not for that page. You should take care about how much money earn on the entire visit. This includes the placement of ads on your website and displays size of ads. 

How To Maximize The Money You Make On The Entire Visit Of User

The meaning of entire visit is that when a user visits your website. He/she goes through click on your website’s pages or in single page consist another more pages this total visit is the entire visit of the user. Usually, when you test the ads on your website it gives the data of earning of per page. For example, On your website, one page has the value of ads $1 per page view and it consists of 5 another pages in it. The total revenue of that page will be $5.

And another page which has the value of ads $0.80 per page view and it consists 7 another pages in it. Then the total revenue of that page will be $5.6. By comparing both pages actually, the earning of the second page is higher than the first page. But in the case of testing of ads, you will only see that the value of that page is $1 and $0.80.

It seems like the second page will give less money as compared to fist page. But this is not true and this difficulty you can overcome by using Ezoic. Which I explained you in the previous post. In the next post, you will see how to use Ezoic on your websites to overcome these types of problems.

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